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Putin Warns of Nuclear War

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The Ugly Truth

ed note–Assuming that the translation of this meeting is correct–and it is probably safe to assume it is–what it signals for all of us is just how ‘down to the wire’ geo-political events are right now, and not just in some removed, far-from-our-front-door sense, but rather in a manner very real and very up-close-and-personal.

Following 9/11, the ‘movement’ that sprang up on the part of a mere few (relative to the numbers who bought whole-hog the lies put out that day) resulting from the awareness that the Judaic/Masonic/Zionist narrative constructed for public consumption that ‘Islam’ was to blame for the deaths of 3,000 Americans was quite hopeful. When the obliteration of Iraq began in 2003, it looked as though something substantive had been born that could–if people stayed true to the cause, remained focused on the truth and did not allow themselves to be distracted with tangential matters that only weakened our efforts–provide a serious insurgency…

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