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jews make fake Hamas video to urge Brexit

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The Ugly Truth


Sabba – How many other videos featuring Hamas or some other muslim group have also been made by the children of satan, the jews? Here are a few tips on how to spot them: anything/anyone who calls for the death of Christians, who calls for the destruction of Christian sacred sites & places of worship, who calls for ‘jihad’ against the West (but never israel…), who demands the ‘Islamization’ of the world,  who demands ‘sharia’ law to be implemented in the West is 100% kosher certified jewish. PERIOD.

Remember that all the bolsheviks who raped Mother Russia and left her for dead were jews who had Russian names, who ate Russian food, who spoke Russian, who dressed the way Russians dress etc. So let no one be fooled by jews who use ‘muslim’ names, let no one be fooled by their speaking arabic (it is a requirement to join Mossad)…

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