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How they do it–Rivlin Tells European Lawmakers: Conditions Not Right for Final Status Agreement With Palestinians

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The Ugly Truth


At European Parliament address, president proposes the EU would assist in confidence-building, calls for Israeli-international initiative to rehabilitate Gaza.

ed note–but, but, but….Rivlin is one of those good ‘leftist’ Jews who ‘wants peace’ with the Palestinians and Arabs…He says really sweet, squishy things…He is critical of Netanyahu, Likud, and ‘the right wing’ in Israel.

Yes, folks, this is how they do it. The wave of a magic wand and the reciting of a magical spell, and ‘POOF!’, entire swaths of Gentiledom are put into a trance and prevented from understanding clearly the nature of the game being played.

There will never, repeat–NEVER–be a ‘Palestinian’ state as far as both the left and right in Israel are concerned. Since ‘Palestine’ was the name given to Judea after it was conquered/destroyed by the Romans, leading to the 2,000 years of ‘anti-Shemitism’ and ‘persecution’ that has marked the Jews and their infernal j-rama…

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