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Cameron: We (the UK) must stay in EU to influence Europe’s approach to Israel

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The Ugly Truth


The Prime Minister tells guests at Jewish Care dinner to reject ‘divisive and intolerant’ Leave campaign


And there you have it folks. The UK must remain in the EU not because it is in the best interests of the British people whom Cameron at least presumes to represent and serve, but rather so that the UK can remain ISrael’s eyes, ears, and teeth in making sure that the other countries tow the line vis a’ vis the Jewish state and her demands.

But remember, despite this very blatant, painfully-honest admission on the part of Cameron that the government of the UK which he heads is not ‘unduely influenced’ by powerful organized Jewish interests. That is an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory and an ‘old canard’. Jews don’t wield excessive and disproportionately powerful influence over governments, but rather DEM MOOZLEMS, headed by the Saudis.

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