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Iran claims to foil ‘biggest terrorist plot’ in its history

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The Ugly Truth


Several suspects nabbed with bombs and ammunition, are not identified beyond the term ‘takfiris’

ed note–having had the honor/pleasure of travelling to Iran 3 times now in the not-too-distant past and having experienced first-hand how thorough the intelligence/security services of that country are, what I walked away from these 3 experiences understanding better is just why the US and Israel are so determined to undo the revolution of 1979. As long as Iran remains watchful, diligent, and competent in foiling the dirty tricks which Israel and the US are legendary for playing against nations in the interests of destabilizing them and making them easier to manipulate, Israel will never be able to realize her 5,000 year old dream of a Judaic empire spanning the Nile and Euphrates.

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