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Huckabee: ‘America looks in the mirror and sees Israel’

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The Ugly Truth


‘Every friend of Israel is a friend of the United States and every enemy of Israel is an enemy of the United States.’

ed note–Huckabee, the idiot Christian Zionist everyone loves to hate, is not just the average, run-of-the-mill idiot whose jenanigans should be viewed with ridicule. He is representative of a group of people out there who are as dangerous to all 7 billion people living on God’s green earth as are the flesh eating zombies that feature in TV programs such as The Walking Dead.

Sad to say however that Huckabee is correct. The US is for all intents and purposes a Jewish country. Our culture is Judaic, our politics are Judaic, our morals, values, affections, etc are a variation of that old saying concerning ‘all roads leading to Rome,’ except in this case, the city happens to be Jerusalem. Everything, even our national religion as represented by…

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