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Marriage With Non-Jews Now Carries Prison Sentence In Israel

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The Ugly Truth

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Sabba – We have here another startling side of the clash of civilization between Athens and Jerusalem, between humanity and the synagogue of satan.

In all human cultures, while the first step towards Civilization was always the prohibition of incest, it appears that the second step was exogamy.  Thru the exogamous marriage, Man has been able to further his socialization beyond his family, his clan, his tribe. It is thru exogamy that Man becomes aware of his Humanity or at least a much wider human community. In all cultures except one: judaism alone sees exogamy as a far greater and more dangerous taboo than  the incest itself.  

While many  convincingly argue that there has never ever been such thing called jewish ‘civilization’, that these 2 terms constitute an oxymoron, let it be said that no Civilization has ever condemned exogamy; no people have ever linked exogamy with an…

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