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GREECE – The EU Is Killing Greece; Suicide, Infant Death, And Mental Illness On The Rise

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The Ugly Truth


Sabba – The article does not mention it but another consequence of the EU dictatorial measures on Greece is prostitution, to the point where teen age girls see no way out of their misery other than selling themselves for the price of a sandwich.

The war on Greece and what she represents is not new nor is it limited to the EU context. The clash of ideology between Helleno-Christian Europe as represented by Greece, and the synagogue of satan as represented by the EU, started in 165 BC and is commemorated every year during Hanukkah.

While most of us can clearly see the temporal aspects in anything pertaining to jewish history, we should remind ourselves that there also and always is a spiritual dimension in everything they do.

We see Iraq, they see Babylon & the captivity. We see Iran, they see Persia, Haman & Esther. We see Europe, they…

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