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First Brexit Poll After Jo Cox Death Reveals Stunning Result

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The Ugly Truth

20160617_EOD3ED Noor: It has come to the point where the British population can recognize a false flag when they are presented with one.  The establishment must be at a loss when even the sheeple can recognize a false flag and useful idiot almost before the story is broken.  There is a reason the assassin is not being charged as a political terrorist; also a victim, he was set up, a mentally challenged, non-political man who worked at menial jobs for the handicapped.  Politician Jo Cox, the sacrificial victim, one of Britain’s  brightest and best, was the blood offering at the altar of the EU, but it seems the sacrifice backfired as these polls reveal. But then, never forget that most polling companies are owned by members of the tribe. But going by these results, revenge is sweet. Generally speaking though, the British are not optimistic about their choices being respected…

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