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Forbes attacks Serbian humanitarian organization

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Cover story in @srpskitelegraf tomorrow In 2012 we delivered $1.5 mil in humanitarian aid to the Serbian enclave in Gracanica in a highly publicized project which involved around 100 Serbian diaspora communities called 'Battle for Kosovo'. It was the largest humanitarian donation Kosovo Serbs received and the first time the notoriously difficult to unify Serbian diaspora came together. A few months later a Forbes blog article (not 'real Forbes' but still url is forbes.com) came out and said we sent aid to Albanians. When we complained it was edited 19 times so they would avoid getting sued. It cost us hundreds of thousands in donations and tried to fracture our organization. However due to GOD, hard work and persistence we survived and prospered and despite this CIA-attack we were still only ones from Balkans invited to UN World Humanitarian Summit last month in Istanbul (highest honor a humanitarian organization can receive).

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Cover story on the scandal

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