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Netanyahu: Israel to help NATO anti-terror fight with intel

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The Ugly Truth


Battle against Islamic terrorism ‘must know no bounds’ Netanyahu tells NATO ambassadors, says Israel opening NATO mission very soon.

ed note–besides the inherent danger that exists in allowing Israel (and organized Jewish interests in general) ANY entryway into ANY system that functions on a geo-political level and has geo-political influence, here is why allowing this monster any kind of inroads into NATO is particularly dangerous–

1. NATO is the largest and most powerful military force in human history. With the US in the lead, followed by the UK, France, Germany, etc, it is a leviathan in terms of not only conventional military forces, but also nukes.

2. It was created (ostensibly) with one thing in mind–conflict with Russia, something which (in appearances) took brief pause, but which now is in full swing again.

3. Israel, being an unstable, messianic entity whose entire geo-political agenda is rooted in religiously-induced madness, believes it is…

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