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GERMANY MUST PERISH! – 99.6% of Germans Contaminated with Glyphosate

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The Ugly Truth


Sabba – Could this explain, at least in partially, the suicidal reproduction rate of the German people?  

Studies of laboratory animals have found that male rats exposed to high levels of glyphosate, either during prenatal or pubertal development, suffer from reproductive problems, including delayed puberty, decreased sperm production, and decreased testosterone production.”

Theodore Kaufman told us in 1941 that Germany must perish thru mass sterilization. Most associate sterilization with surgery or vaccines. But there are many other ways to ensure a man or a woman loose their fertility. 

And this could very well be one of the means they have been using to carry out their genocidal dreams against Germany. 

They used to poison our wells before and now, they are poisoning the food and drinks. 

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