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Like InfoWars, TheUglyTruth mistaken on Trump’s mission in elections

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PB: How dumb can one be?! Jew oligarchs wouldn’t allow that a foe reach this election stage in publicity (in their media!).

Trump’s past serving the Mafia, his billions, and Zionist marriage of daughter are not mere coincidences.

MUST KNOW William Engdahl: NWO From Clinton To Trump



The Ugly Truth

TRUMPInstead of applauding Donald Trump’s speech, AIPAC members should have been very worried about his anti-Muslim, anti-UN and anti-Palestinian message.

ed note–as we have said here repeatedly, Trump’s speech at AIPAC–as nauseating as it was–was a ‘necessary evil’. He–and more importantly, the people who are behind him–knew that this had to take place in order to achieve the greater good of him getting elected. The fact that organized Jewish interests are still defecating all over themselves in panic over his possible presidency is all the proof we Gentiles need in deducing that he is not considered a ‘friend of Zion’ and that a major storm is building that threatens to engulf us all.

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