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[Death to Europe] Refugees on the Serbia-Hungary Border

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PB: Serbia has not yet managed to deal with the refugee problem created by the Judeocentric Power Complex’s wars in the Balkans:




But Serbia is forced to deal with refugees (and ISIS) being packed into the EU by the same JPC due to the “crises” that JPC has  orchestrated in Africa and the Middle East, to destabilize the regions, to create a flood of refugees to destroy European civilisation…

Why should Serbia comply with JPC’s EU refugee laws? Serbia was able to deal excellently with all kinds of refugees before the Balkan war mayhem. Before the Balkan wars , during and after, Swrbia had the greatest ethnic variety of peoples and refugees, incl. the Muslims from Bosnia and the Albanians.

Tens (hundreds) of thousands Serbs displaced by JPC’s wars still need to get their properties etc. back. Where is EU’s charity about that?


No-Man’s Land: Life on the Serbia-Hungary Border




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