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Alex Jones increasingly effective

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Alex Jones increasingly effective

Piotr Bein 1.1.2014

Dedication: to my e-friends Tracy Turner and Robert Singer – for trying to smear Alex  🙂

Gauging by increasing attacks on Alex, it’s an ersatz subject, calculated to ignore important issues, degrade a world-class anti-NWOer, idiotize the sheeple in their choice of authorities to follow. It’s been happening in Poland, too, where hasbara has perverted people’s minds. Most of the Polish patriotic movement became infiltrated and corrupted. Led by hasbara, many Polish gurus spit on Alex Jones.

A Polski-personal take

The bane of Poles and humanity link “against Alex“. I have examined an apparently difficult-to-refute a collection of garbage, in response to a Polish reader who wondered about Alex. Before, I regretted that my converted brother in Christ Nathanael Kapner got bamboozled. As early as the H1N1 hoax in December 2009 I wrote on the subject, also on ADL dog barking at patriots like Alex.

Disgusted, I would have left this article unfinished in September, if it wasn’t for  sociopaths like Tomek of the former StopSy website, now pedaling his ass on WolnaPolska and on its JewTube scrub. Neo-Nazios John Kaminski, Andrew Winkler (TheRebel) i Jerzy Ulicki-Rek (with WW2 Polish Underground logo!) joined him, all spitting at Alex… They also peddle drivel against decent patriots and activists (like Bein, Szubert, Podlecki, Bizoń…). While parrotting hasbara, themselves they have discovered nothing unique against Alex! Savage antisemitism fogs their brains up; fanatics are easily controlled without rays and pills…

There is also Robert Singer, a solid de-bunker of Jewstory, but not always solid on other subjects. They indiscriminately copy garbage about Alex to fit antisemitism (the neo-Nazios) and/or (Singer) a thesis that activities like Alex’s or Jim Stone’s are disguises to make us think there are conspiracies so we de-focus from J’s!   🙂

According to hasbara in Poland, decent patriots are agent Jews and social scum. But crystal-clean Tadek Kisiel (Zenobiusz) or Dr. Maciej Pokora (Peryskop), both boasting about their pure Polish blood and crest, turn brains into pulp on unsuspecting forums! When Jane Bürgermeister attacked Alex (video produced by Podlecki, unfortunately), they made sure that Bein would not correct the shabby lie. Jane has disappeared since, so we don’t know if she got the smears (easily verifiable for investigative reporters Jane and Podlecki) from a hasbara agent (as was the case with a smear against Bein during the H1N1 campaign), or perhaps she is another useful idiot.

“Proofs“ against Alex are aplenty, as against Bein and Podlecki in a just cause in the 2009 H1N1. Years after, as doubt has lifted on who stood on which side, the smearers stink, but not the smeared ones   🙂    I’m no match for Alex, but know how the false accusations feel and what they tell about the originators and peddlers.

Why doesn’t Alex say straight Jews! ? He has reasons (below). There are not many researchers/publicists like myself who would risk personally, by speaking about Judeocentrics. I would have done it earlier, had I finished research and Marek Podlecki showed up in my life (for which I am indebted to him). Still, even in the early stages, I have extensively e-mailed tidbits on the J-subject.

Polish sheeple against Alex – do you have stuff against Polish story-tellers who are considered patriots by the masses, but broadcast hasbara againt Russia, a major victim of deranged Jews? Following your charges against Alex, much suggests that Polish Russophobic publicists are propaganda agents: they don’t unequivocally name the crux of the matter, while talking a lot about KGB, Ruski and Communists. Not always the written word is truth – even when authored by someone with diplomas, published on respectable websites, sponsored by an “esteemed“ entity. One has to use own brain, too… and here it goes to hell, in the era of pre-chewed tidbits on jewbooks and telaviv-sion.

Rober and I clashed recently about Alex, jeopardizing money collection for anti-system causes, as Robert was generous in exchange for my comments on his articles. He accused Alex of collaboration with the H1N1 hoax, as Alex had not posted Patricia Doyle’s  warnings before his cut-off date of May 3, 2009. Bein and Podlecki failed to translate Doyle into Polish – are we agents, too? Alex picked up the flu issue on InfoWars and PrisonPlanet, as timely as Bürgermeister did. Singer ignored clarifications I put together for Podlecki and for a query about Alex. For Singer, Alex is cointelpro because hasbara says so…

I gave Robert umpteen urls, to make a balanced video on Alex.

Alex’s “elites“

Alex has his reasons to call the powers that be (TPTB), without naming the ethnicity (just like David Icke did with “reptilians“ or Marek Podlecki with “satanists“). I concur with Alex; if it was not for the flocks of Shabbat-goys, NWO could not take off. When the social climate for spelling out J improved (owing to activities of people like Alex), he and others called the Zios by name, to the delight of antisemites… But it’s the Judeocentric Power Complex that rules, while Zios (incl. tens of millions of Zionist Christians world-wide) are J-banksters’ mere pawns, far lesser than crypto-Jewish Frankists and Donmeh or the rabbinic talmudinate of terror. So much for the mentality of antisemitic pojebs (Polish for screwed-up fanatics) like Kaminski, Winkler and Ulicki-Rek

Doubters need only listen to Alex on the ruling cabal (a mix, not only Jews), Kosher Nostra and the ADL who more or less mind-control the uniformed and services and morality of nations, aiming at destroying people like Alex who expose them quite effectively thank you. Kaminskis do good to ADL goals – fomenting more hatred, the fodder of Judeocentrics to play one type of goys against other goys, and keep the Jewish masses in check, by offering “security“ against ADL-driven “antisemitic“ acts globally. Alex scolds an antisemite, who blames Jews for every evil and would exterminate them all, incl. Alex’s Christian wife, a fraction Jew after her grandfather. (minute 14:00): Whatever it is you want to say about me – fine, I do not care it is YOUR loss, for being petty-minded. And that’s why you are so unseccessful in life, Ladies and Gentlemen. […] There is so many Zionist documents that are public that admit: oh, that is great, Jews will be persecuted and basically the Jewish mafia can sit on top of them and suck off them and get donations from them and use them for their own power.

As any publicist, Alex errs occasionally…

…and has seemingly unexplainable bias, but is able to honestly correct himself. A few years earlier, he spoke about the Khazars whom he correctly does not consider Jews race-wise. He says in an interview with an antisemitic revisionist (ADL parlour) Michael Hoffman: we are all broken into subgroups, fighting over which group runs it, with most of our collective energies of the movement spent on that. He adds regarding the NWO conspiracies: one group states Jews, another – KGB, next one – Illuminati, still another – Vatican […] I don’t do that, you don’t do that. I understand it’s a methodology that infects all the major groups.

Alex answers caller questions re the protocols and gas chambers: I don’t tend to go into things that can’t be proven one way or another […] Every major group or organisation wants to take control over the world; every major corporation states their plan as a global domination, the Chinese want to take over the world… the Anglo-American establishment… the Israeli interests want to dominate and take over. […] I tend to go off what’s happening and what I can prove, not documents like that. […] I actually have an allergy to the obsession for Israel and against it […] I want to get rid of the Federal Reserve, whoever runs it […] I am against the Jewish mafia as I am against any other form of organized crime. I appreciate your call.

A lemming can’t understand high-minded Alex. Hopefully, garbage comments come from sayanim and trolls. Smears and defamations on Alex are typical hasbara porn, complete with manipulation of images, phony evidence and Zio-Nazi history lies. Compared to this garbage, a ‘report’ on Alex by ADL sounds like exemplary journalism. Hasbara’s problem is that ADL nor anybody have anything solid against Alex. He is neither a racist, nor xenophobe, nor antisemite. Effective against NWO  and J-banksters, does not need Putin-dick’ing (Polish Chutin-puj) as on the Polish StopSy website, no e-pogroms, no KGB and reptiles under every stone turned over.

Bigotry, narrow-mindedness, soulessness and antisemitism (often married to anti-Polonism and anti-Russicism, when catered to Polish sheeple) are tell-tale marks of creations useful to ADL. Abe Foxman is glad, but not for Alex’s work…

Great achievements

Look at a sample of Alex’s work: anti-Zio, secret clubs, spying on citizens, Bilderbergers, Great Transformation, alerts on marching totalitarism and imminent false flags, humanitarian interventions, genetic hybridization, vax, GMO, eugenics, chemtrails…

Milksops who pick their noses pick out “discrediting“ things in Alex’s work, select face grimaces and fitting fragments from his shows. Then knock it together  hasbara-like (often, straight hasbara). But there are also apparently solid researchers like Singer who can build gallows for Alex out of nothing. They mindlessly parrot hasbara that Alex fear-mongers, while doing nothing. Who of those good-for-nothing predicted a terrorist attack before 9/11 and a crackdown on freedoms and urged to contact congresmen, media and government officials? Which of the rascals protest at Bilderberg meetings and speaks with charisma, or can tersely sum up a journalist prostitute, or destroy an SOB hasbara agent on TV? Which wretch would summarize the system in depth and breadth? Which rotter issued a global alert on CISPA? Yet the cointelpro agents and brain-circumcised useful idiots bark and spit at Alex.

Banksters’ lier, Obambo honoured Alex with suggestions of effectivenss (expressed in the negative: fear-mongering is warning about conspiracies, pundits trying to boost their popularity and profits means showing results). But the scrummiest are charges that false flags are Alex’s as he’s predicted them, while mind-controlled losers have named his website in motives for their massacres…

Alex’s access to politicians, Illuminati…

Well, go to a politician’s book promotion, then you talk to them, and your camera will record it. It needs to be planned and organized in advance… and here stops armchair initiative; lemmings would collapse at the very thought of leaving the keyboard. Alex has penetrated Bohemian Grove as the first one, since cowards did not have the idea, and afterwards the security was tightened. So cowards ask Alex suggestively: who let you in? Who let me out of Macedonia unchecked, when I passed by the border control post on a road for patrol vehicles only? The whole crew with machine guns and heavy armour panicked and chased me. I laughed, until they came too close to see my utmost delight with the sight. Who let me “smuggle“ a “bomb“ in bicycle panniers into the busy front of an Israeli shopping mall? Guards happen to be dumb…

Alex need not pursue politicians. They seek him out because he is a leading American dissident publicist. Conspiracy theorist Alex supposedly foments fears on NWO, agitates for a revolution but doesn’t suggest solutions… So lemmings go numb and poop in the underwear out of fear.  Alex’s first up show, on impeachment of Obama (and every US president who violates the Constitution) talks about solutions, from grassroots action, to Congress initiatives by both parties. Talks, not waffles, thru the mouth of a leading dissident congressman. On a lesser subject (Washington navy base massacre), Alex tells the lemmings to get off laptops, games and medication: Get a life!

Kosher associates and sponsors

Somehow they don’t interfere with Alex’s blazing the bastards. More of his kind of Jew-sponsored activists, please!

An “in depth“ investigation by Susanne Posel accuses Alex of collusion with CIA and Stratfor. Most everyone works or has worked somewhere connected with TPTB = the banksters control all Western governments and corporations, of which some 150 control the global economy. Alex’s employee used to work for a firm contracting to CIA – does it mean she is a scoundrel? Snowden and Jim Stone used to work for NSA, but now share their experience with us. She did research for a report for the Congress on US cyber security – is it bad or good? Posel also laments that Alex’s websites serve cookies spying on the users. Which websites don’t? Some admins admit they do, others don’t but have no choice – just like cellphone users can’t prevent spying on their calls.

Comic if not tragic is a video under Posel’s article: mumbo-jumbo of what sounds like a psycho; what’s it all about? – perhaps it’s time to get a life beyond the emails. Looking for something concrete against Alex, I find this: dramatic voice repeats insinuations from Posel’s article, another person (gatekeeper?) interjects as if the arguments were unconvincing. The male narrator made a basic error: Alex’s employee did not write the report to Congress.

The editor of the (supposedly) dissident VeteransToday, Dr Kevin Barrett calls Alex a genius for foretelling 9/11, but takes the compliment away by scolding Alex’s guests on socialist Chavez. People may dislike socialism, a Judeo-creation just like rampant capitalism, neoliberalism and demoncracy. That’s not a suffcient reason to condemn and belittle the whole of Alex’s achievements, by suggestively headlining the article. I call it useful idiocy. Useful to ADL.  

Barrett hisses at Alex: not enough of a Jew-basher. But admits that such behaviour protects from the ADL dogs. Barrett seemingly praises Alex’s charismatic speeches, but immediately charges him with NWO fear-mongering. Look at your own website headlines, Mr. Barrett! Add neo-Nazi revisionist drivel about good Germans persecuted by demonic Poles before, during and after WW2. Are you a clone of Nazio admin of TheRebel?

Master of emotional nuclear blasts

An unsubstantiated charge is not readily refuted. But Alex remembers, air-raids crazies and shills. He is right to interrupt fanatics, bigots and hypocrites. His eloquent, painfully cogent analytical tirades sweep his adversaries off their feet… Before the eyes of millions of lemmings, Alex has devastated Piers Morgan on civilian weapon rights, reminding this J-mason imported from UK that American freedoms will not be taken away.

Alex can sum up a presstitute, without one single Grypa666 epithet   🙂  He puffs up, concentrates his uncircumcised brain – presstitute turns into a wet spot on the spot… while millions are watching. Alex is a master of emotional yet unparalled rational whanging in a natural fury. He does not mince words, blows BS to smitherines  with one kick. His tirades for the cause fuse thought, heart and soul… in a verbal and body language expression of emotion, mind and knowledge… out of love for life, humanity, his American homelandand and his neighbour regardless of race, religion or nationality. For free America – he says…

I trust him. Because he is spot on, without risking an ADL police raid.


A Great Human for our stormy times.

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