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Russia No. 1 – The Crimes of the Jews in Bolshevik Russia

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Russia No. 1 – The Crimes of the Jews in Bolshevik Russia

[click here for video and pdf file]

This PDF file is a 70-Megabyte download containing a facsimile image of Russia No. 1, a collection of British intelligence reports detailing eyewitness accounts of the horrors of the Bolshevik so-called Revolution and the crimes of the jews, who were its chief leaders, participants, and perpetrators, and their destruction of Christian Russia.  And yes, it CAN happen here – in fact, it IS happening here, but on a much slower scale.


See the 9-part audio series Bolshevism in Russia: The Work of the Jews with William Finck on Sword Brethren’s Come Out of Her program, at the Christogenea.org Mein Kampf Project.

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