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Does a Sayanim Network of Keys Open Doors?

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Does a Sayanim Network of Keys Open Doors?

Bronek 27.9.2013

Some would say that this article below is a perfect example of how a certain element supports vile evil. If this is true, it makes absolutely no difference if the people in question are in a Germanic, Slavic, Latin or other ethno state/ territory.

The article in question is another perfect example of exactly what transnational influence a specific entity has over Western man. Read this and then plez shut your eyes. Reflect on how praising such a monster can be accorded even a tiny speck of decency.

Our topic is Monsieur Marcel (a nice French first name) Reich-Ranicki (a nice Polonian last name). Mr. Marcel Reich-Ranicki recently expired. European media, in more than a few countries, glorified him. They spoke of his fairness and being a giant of a man. Reading Gazeta Wyborcza one would think he was a saint.

This media hero was 93 years old. He kicked the bucket in the state where he made his money, Germany (Frankfort #1). Berlin’s Chancellor told her nation that Reich-Ranicki was a friend of freedom and democracy. Goodness one had heard the exact opposite.

How strange! Were scholars   -speaking behind closed doors-  about Mr. Marcel’s past wrong? Yes, it’s true he was a big boy on German TV. Yup, he was a recognized media credit.

Yeah, we are told he brought gusto to his audiences. Does this mean native Germans were incapable of doing the same? Does this imply that he had more talent? Let’s look at Herr Reich-Ranicki’s record. Why? Cuz maybe something is missing. Maybe all those scholars were anti-Semitic (against Arabs).

Herr Reich-Ranicki  was born in the 1920s. He came from a Zydowski (Jewish) family in Wlockawek. When he was 9 his parents took him to Berlin. In that era tens of thousands of Polski Zyds migrated to enrich Berlin with multiculturalism. Although the article doesn’t mention it, soon they were about 40% of the lawyers, just about owned the movie-entertainment industry and (also) had the most media influence.

Apparently they were all geniuses amongst a population of ignorant dummies. For example, here in the USA they certainly couldn’t achieve such political-economic-cultural influence. But, let’s get back to this article.

This media famous critic of German writers, authors and literacy giants, also joyfully criticized Polish authors. So, he wasn’t partial; born in Poland, he knocked those of his birth setting; being a member of the German community he knew the German faults and could mock and kick down their best.

Herr Marcel apparently knew what was best for Germans. You see, in 1937 he was a member of the anti-majority German commie party (Kommunistiche Partie Deutschlands). Later he was employed as a translator for the misunderstood Judenrat (Zyd Council). By the summer of 1942 Marcel published the Jewish Gazet. For course, unlike those in American academia, he had to utilize a pseudonym. He became Mr. Hart.

During the war years Marcel married a brethren, Teofila Langnas. Like him, she was a beauty. Then, the poor fellow, found himself in the famous Warsaw Ghetto. [bc-  If possible see the movies about that Ghetto]

Remember how countless films, docudramas and books, magazines, newspapers and periodicals told hundreds of millions about how, after the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the remaining Jews smelled gaz and went kaput? Well, a miracle must have occurred in Herr Marcel’s case. You see, according to this article, he was sent to the concentration camp of Treblinka. He and his gal managed to escape.

Rather than write all day about this wonderful media hero, who suffered, let’s just say he became a member of the infamous Communist Secret Police that tortured and spied on Polish citizens. He was a skilled key to their HomeLand Security. It must have been for the Poles own good, cuz Marcel was nice, a real nice dude. Just read the media about Marcel! Anyways, when his position at the  Central Commission of Control got too hot he moved on.

Look at his pictures, at the bottom. He was so handsome amongst the ugly goys, in both the East and West. It must have been hard on him.

It must have been much easier on him when he laboured in the department for gathering info on Germans in the Americas and England. You see, in 1948, he and his wife were in London, “helping the English.” Yes, indeed, what a nice guy.

In the end of his adult years he decided what was good amongst Germany’s writers. Don’t forget to pay homage to him. He was so wonderful for the English, Germans and Slavs. He laboured watching over others. Can you imagine the stress?

Realize that during WWII Herr reich-ranicki (I have to use small letters as my hands are tiring) joined the Polish army to fight against those he grew up with.  That wasn’t even the tip of the iceberg in regards to his extraordinary accomplishments. Oh, no. You see, he not only was much smatter than his German colleagues, after 1947 he became  -it seems incredible-  a member of Warsaw’s diplomatic corps. Simply astounding, as he had no training in this area. He did know that the Poles required reprogramming.


In many ways reich-ranicki was above the neocons of our era. He was the Wolfowitz of his day, in more ways than we can count during these few spare minutes.

Herr reich-ranicki spied on Germans, Polonians, Poles and others. He knew what was best for these majorities. In the end he correct Germans in their thought paradigms. Even the Chancellor knew his worth, as did European media.

Look at his fotos and take you hat off to him. Do this just before you donate to the Party of your choice.


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