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Support the Kenyan freedom fighters, Mr Hague?

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PB: The problem are not de-ranged fanatics such as extreme Islamists in the Middle East or Christian Zionists in the USA, but the cabal that empowers them, the Judeocentric Power Complex (JPC), whose lackeys are Hague, Obama, Hollande etc.
Ralph Ellis plays to the tune of “Muslims against Christians and Jews” propaganda that seeks to idiotize the public into supporting JPC’s wars on the Islamic World.
Please ask Eliis from me:
– How many “sectarian and ethnic strife” cases are instigated or carried out by JPC’s intelligence: CIA, Mossad, MI6, Pakistani and Saudi services?
See e.g. http://www.maskofzion.com/2011/02/israels-fission-field-warfare-pakistan.html
Similar for false-flag attacks in the West: 9/11, 7/7, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, Washington Navy Yard most recently
– What happened over the ages to Christian French, Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians in non-Islamic hands… or to aboriginals of N. America and Australia/New Zealand?
– What happened to tens of millions of Slavs since the Judeo-bolshevik “revolution”, and in whose hands?
– What happened to tens of millions of Balkan peoples, Iraqis, Afghans, Libyans, Pakistanis, Yemenis, Sudanese, Malis, Egyptians… under JPC’s wars , invasions, occupations and ‘revolutions’?
– What happened to Palestinians under Jewish occupation, terror and genocide?
– Who terrorized Jews after WW2, to leave for Israel from Eastern Europe, Iraq and other places?
– Who is behind the global genocide with radiation and microwaves ?
– Who is behind the global genocide/eugenics with vaccines, GMO, chemtrails and ‘owning’ the climate, to name just a few of present-day plagues (courtesy of the very same JPC!)?
– Have you read the following:

Roman Kafel: Neither Christianity nor Islam debate God. Never ever! Accordingly, they can debate each other, argue over interpretative diffs. But Talmud seeks to argue with God and convince Him of Israel’s reasons.
There is no reasoning with this, as it’s not a religion of dialogue with another human being. Talmud does not honour any human but Jew, and does not and see any purpose in a dialogue. They negotiate with God ever better conditions in Jew-God relations.
Nobody and nothing will change this.
Talmud has nothing to do with the spirit of neither the Gospels nor Koran that tell to love God and the neighbour as oneself. Talmud says: kill the best of the non-Jews.


On 23-Sep-13, at 4:53 AM, Freenations wrote:

This brilliantly vicious and truthful attack on the US/UK support for Muslim extremists is excellent. Obama seems to go out of his way to accommodate the religion which has expanded throughout history by violence and ethnic cleansing (see the details below) and which daily in some part of the world burns Christian churches and murders “Infidels” of all religions.

What Ralph Ellis does not mention here is the longstanding Nazi friendly fascist credentials of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt whose overthrow by a long suffering citizens revolution Obama seems to have rejected! There is a stench emanating from the White House nowadays.


Dear Mr Hague,

I presume that you will be calling for Britain to arm the valiant freedom fighters who have taken over the Westgate shopping center in Nairobi, killing 50 Christians so far.  Hurrah for the valiant terrorists.

And I presume you will be be calling for Britain to arm the valiant freedom fighters who have taken over the town of Benisheik in Nigeria, killing 85 (or 161) Christians.  Hurrah for the valiant terrorists.

And I presume you will be be calling for Britain to arm the valiant freedom fighters who have taken over the town of Zamboanga in the Philippines, killing dozens and displacing 67,000 Christians.  Hurrah for the valiant terrorists.

That is standard UK and US policy is it not, Mr Hague  –  to arm any Muslim terrorist group you find and urge then to take over national governments? That is what you want to happen in Syria, is it not?

You are such a stupid little man, Mr Hague.  Can you not see the real threat that faces the West?  Do you not see what is happening all over the world?  Do you not see the tide of current events?  Do you not understand the lessons of history?

Do you know what happened to the Christian region now called Algeria?
Do you know what happened to the Christian region now called Libya?
Do you know what happened to the Christian region now called Tunisia?
Do you know what happened to the Christian nation called Egypt?
Do you know what happened to the Christian region now called Jordan?
Do you know what happened to the Christian region now called Lebanon?
Do you know what happened to the Christian region called Syria?
Do you know what happened to the Christian region now called Turkey?
Do you know what happened to the Jewish region now called Iraq?
Do you know what happened to the Jewish region called Israel?

Why are we cursed with such stupid little politicians like you, Mr Hague?

Mr Ralph J Ellis

**   Oh, and lets not forget the 75 Christians killed today in Pakistan, eh?
And let’s not forget the 2,000 other deadly Muslim attacks so far this year:
(Religion of Peace .com has had a ‘denial of service’ attack, so here is a web archive from earlier this month):

The Muslim conquest of North Africa.
North Africa was a very prosperous region, under Roman and Byzantine control, but the region was destroyed under Islam. This Wiki account does not really do this Muslim conquest justice, for the Byzantines were so in fear of their lives that they tore down their own houses and cities, to build defensive walls and citadels against the invading hoards.  See the ancient city of Sbeitla, for instance:

The Muslim conquest of Syria.
The same happened in Syria as the populations were exterminated, where even the great temple at Balbek was torn down to form a defensive citadel.  The remaining Syriac Christians existed as dhimmi serfs, under the jizya tax system.  Even today, there are 600 abandoned towns in northern Syria, left deserted since the 8th century as Islam wiped out their populations:

Modern Lebanon.
This region was known as the ‘Switzerland of the East’ while under Christian control, before its destruction by Islam in 1975:

Turkish genocides:
Turkey was prosperous and Christian until the fall of Constantinople in 1453. Yet it was still 50% Christian in most large cities until 1890, with the Rhom and Armenian Christian population being used as dhimmi serfs under the jizya tax system.  But then came the Armenian Genocide of 1915, when 1.5 million Christians were massacred (although Lord Curzon said 3 million had gone missing):
Which was swiftly followed by the Rhom Greek Genocide in 1922, when another 1.5 million Christians were killed and exiled:

Iraq massacres and exiles:
And the Jews did not fare any betteer, under islamic control of North Africa and the Near/Middle East.  Jewish populations had survived in all these regions as dhimmi serfs, until the 1940s, and Iraq was pretty much run by the substantial Jewish population living there. Judaism’s greatist seminary was at Pumbeditha, now Fallujah. But not one Jew remains in any of these Muslim lands, apart from a few hundred in Egypt:
Exile of the Arab Jews:
Exile of the Jews from North Africa:
Massacres and exiles from Iraq:
The last Exilarch (Jewish king of Iraq) was Naim Dangoor:
Naim Dangoor with prime minister Gordon Brown:

And the last ‘Miss Bagdad’ beauty queen was Renee Dangoor (4th picture) — with no niqab in sight:

You have all heard of the displaced Palestinians in the 1950s, because the BBC wails about their fate every day.  But when did the BBC last air a news item about the displaced Iraqi Jews in the 1950s?  The difference (apart from standard BBC bias)?  The Jews made something of their lives, instead of wallowing in poverty and self-pity.

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