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Politicians Are Lying. But You Need To Tell Them You Know They Are Lying

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Politicians Are Lying. But You Need To Tell Them You Know They Are Lying

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Created on 22 September 2013
Written by Video Rebel

You need to make it impossible for the politicians and the chattering class to turn around without being told they are lying. This is about the only means left available to us to stop them from causing another Depression, stealing all of our money, getting us killed in a war and  destroying the earth.

Politicians need our consent to do anything. We live at a time when politicians and the media whores can quite literally send us all off a cliff to our destruction. Elections mean nothing because the media frames the debates and the politicians count the votes. Besides we cannot wait to do something until the next election. We need to do something today and every day until we are free.

Withdraw your consent by speaking up every time you are told a lie.

If someone tries to tell you that the inflation rate is around 2% (2.7% in UK) say No. Dr John Williams at Shadow Stats says the real rate is 9.2%.

If you are told the unemployment rate is 7.3%, say No. It is 24%. Tell them that the percentage of Americans with a job is the lowest since 1978. 90.5 million working age Americans do not have jobs.

If someone tells you that the Federal Reserve and the President are doing everything they can to speed up a recovery. Tell them No. The Bush and Obama administrations have had the same Bail Out the criminals on Wall Street policies since 2008. All they have done is add six trillion dollars to the national debt to make the 1% wealthier and the rest of us poorer.

If someone says we need low interest rates to keep the recovery alive, say No. The Federal Reserve loaned 7.7 trillion dollars to Wall Street Insiders at 0.01% interest with the stipulation that the likes of you never touched any of that money.

Sometimes a politician will say something outrageously funny. Examples are Obama saying that raising the debt limit does not add to the debt. Or the Japanese politician who said radiation does not harm people who smile. These are ludicrous statements but we need to capitalize on them and spread them far and wide.

At other times the lie is the basis of an action that is absurd. The International Olympics Committee granted the 2020 Summer Olympics to Tokyo. The underlying assumption is that the radiation from Fukushima will soon just go away. My first thought was just how big a bribe did the Japanese have to pay? My second thought was that the Bankers pressured the Olympics Committee to make Fukushima appear to be better than it is to prop up the yen and by implication the dollar. Are they kidding? The yen, the dollar, the pound and the euro will go away long before 20 months are up let alone the Summer of 2020.

I saw a media whore trying to convince a 12 year-old girl that Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) were needed to prevent an overpopulated world from dying of starvation. No is the only answer for GMO. Animal studies have proven that by the third generation all test subjects fed GMO food are sterile runts if they survived birth.

In the lead up to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars we were told one lie after another. The lies came from Israel and were channeled through the Pentagon Office of Special Plans and bypassed the 16 US intelligence agencies. The US media is owned by Jewish companies and corporations allied with them. They all support the Israeli war agenda.

John Kerry and Barack Obama have told non-stop lies about Syria’s use of chemical weapons. There are numerous videos of Syrian rebels (mercenaries) handling nerve gas. They have been caught by UN Observers using chemical weapons in the past. The Turkish police have caught the Syrian rebels with sarin gas. The Turkish courts are proceeding with a criminal case against rebels who had 2 kilograms of sarin. But we also need to point out what is not there. The Syrian rebels have uploaded videos of them selves beheading civilians and even committing cannibalism. But they have never posted a video of them with gas masks. If they really believed President Assad was going to strike them with nerve gas, we would see them with gas masks. They have none. Why not?

We need to confront John Kerry. Ask him: where the evidence is that President Assad used chemical weapons? There is none. Your repeated statements are not proof. Have you seen the testimony of the Belgian and our own Associated Press reporters that the rebels said they did it.

This story never made sense from the Day One. We are supposed to believe that President Assad waited to use sarin gas until the day the UN Observers arrived. And that he used the gas to kill Alawites who were his strongest supporters and even killed some of his own soldiers. We are told that many of the children who died were recognized by the parents who say the rebels had kidnapped their boys ten days before the attack.

This Syrian story from Kerry and Obama is unbelievable. But we must not be satisfied by knowing that they are lying. We must get in their face and tell them we know they are lying.

Only this will withdraw our consent and force the administration to face an economic collapse worse than the Great Depression without a World War III to save them from the wrath of the people.

This will come at a price. Michael Hastings was murdered for telling the truth. He said the Obama administration had declared war against investigative journalists. And in New York the police severely beat students protesting the presence of the war criminal David Petraeus on campus. But, if you take a look at the first couple of articles, you will realize that the New World Order wants you dead. You have no choice. Resist or let them kill you.

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