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Bernanke Resets Policy by Doing Nothing as Markets Soar

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[…] Bernanke said the Fed must determine its policies based on “what’s needed for the economy,” even if it surprises markets. […] he was concerned that market interest rates, driven higher by his own suggestion he would scale back so-called quantitative easing, would curb growth. […] primary concern is encouraging growth.

PB: …would curb growth of bankster profits…

John Probst: the Fed is not helping the economy; it has helped destroy the econ. by penalizing savers and refusing to let market forces work to punish irresponsible debt esp. on Wall Street…Econ. growth is a lie; we are clearly in contraction  when one subtracts the gov’t deficits from growth lies and esp. inflation lies, which the Fed says is at ONE % rather than 9%!! And the $$ printing will be the worst disaster imaginable, which is why he cannot reverse



Bernanke Resets Policy by Doing Nothing as Markets Soar

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