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Wikileaks / Manning / Snowden /Assange = the best Double Speak

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Off-the-cuff OpEd – Tracy Turner

Editors Note: -Wikileaks / Bradley Manning / Snowden /Assange is the best Double Speak and Double Think encountered so far in this life.

If they are out here roasting in public hero-worship limelight, they are NSA/CIA sting operatives. If they just were given 90-years of mercy they are sacrificial lambs used to fear monger public compliance to the Kleptocracy. Reading approximately 27 articles from 27 sources convinced me of being correct about the belated arrival of George Orwell’s 1984. Of the 27 Manning/Wikileaks/Snowden and his Wikileaks Female Handler articles consumed… The “State Mercy” of “reducing” Bradley Manning’s sentence to a mere 90-year, mild inconvenience showed me that the Government does “have a heart” just like Obama often pretends.

Reuters – “The post-Wikileaks environment reminds us that technology is a tool to execute solutions but is not in itself the answer,” Kennedy, the Under Secretary for …

Translation: -we are sympathetic to no one but Israel, and if you scaring the hell out of your people with a 90-year sentence works, and scares the hell out of Israeli Jews in Tel Aviv, then we are all for a 90-year veritable death sentence for whistle-blowing, truth and journalism…

Seattle Post Intelligencer – Snowden’s Wikileaks ‘adviser’ takes public role LONDON (AP) — The whole time Edward Snowden has been seeking asylum, Wikileaks staffer Sarah Harrison has been by his side. She has emerged as a …

Translation: -We know Wikileaks perhaps was but now most definitely is a “sting trap” with which to gather Intel, use as “a public example fear mongering tool” (as designed) and control the already over-controlled dissent on all four sides of the world…

ABC News – Wikileaks Founder Says Proud of Australian Support Wikileaks founder and Australian Senate candidate Julian Assange says he is proud of the level of support he enjoys in his home country and has pledged to …

Translation: -Australia has been infiltrated by a medium-level CIA operative with wide-spread public adoration, globally. Mercy, mercy – things ain’t what they used to be…

Washington Post – Wikileaks source Bradley Manning receives mixed verdict in trial. U.S. Army Pfc. Bradley Manning has been acquitted of aiding the enemy for giving classified secrets to Wikileaks. Bradley Manning, the Army private who …

Translation: – Washington’s Post Bob Woodward’s source Mark Felt receives mixed verdict in trial Deep Throat Mark Felt has been acquitted of aiding the enemy for giving classified secrets to Bob Woodward. Deep Throat Mark Felt, the government rubber stamp who made corruption public knowledge…

Epilogue: – After reading 27 articles on Bradley Manning, Assange, Snowden and Wikileaks, it is rather self-evident that all Roman Senators, the Emperor, all scribes are adamant to keep the burning of Rome secret from the residents. How many of the news “sources” are corrupt, perjured, paid or threatened to write a sympathetic case where the poor, helpless, defenseless state has been brutally savaged by a 98-pound private; but the all knowing, all-seeing, Lucifer-eye of the state, in its magical and mystical great * mercy *, shaved Brad Manning (Deep Throat’s) sentence for giving Bob Woodward (US CIA-contrived sting-operation Wikileaks) the missing 18-minutes of Nixon-tapes.

Woe unto us all, the incredible damage, and the incurable gaping pus-filled wound a 98-pound private lanced into the heart of UnAmerica. Let us all blame Brad Manning as we weep together: “WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, and IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH” …and it all is that 98-pound Army Private’s fault.

Anyone wish to bet a really nice cafe lunch that the next whistle blower given a gentler, kinder machine-gun hand 90-year-sentence will not be a government whistle blower? Oh look, a Monsanto employee gave the US CIA’s “Wikileaks” Venus-fly-trap information detrimental to Monsanto’s worldwide food-web-monopoly. Under the espionage act of 1918, leaking US Corn Crop data to the CIA-infiltrated “press” in Denmark is “treason”. Is there any such thing as “whistle blowing” in a Monsanto-owned planet and government?

The Washington Free Beacon, you are a “journalist”, a card-carrying elite. If you are Brad Manning, you get 90 years. The difference is one is “an Access Journalist”, one who reveals nothing but drivel; the other told an important truth (Brad Manning) to the American people. Bradley Manning did not perpetuate an act of Journalism; however a ‘true act of journalism’ has been immortalized by “Free Beacon’s Ellison Barber”. Never heard of Ellison? Just think of Bush, Obama, the NSA while simultaneously thinking of Nancy ‘Ellison Barber’ Grace.

Brad Manning is not a Journalist, did not engage in an act of Journalism. By logical deduction, Snookie, George Zimmerman, Nancy Grace, Susanna Marquez, Ryan Seacrest and Jenny McCarthy are all Ernest Hemmingway-Bob Woodwards; or “real American” Journalists. Bradley Manning is not a Journalist exposing the truth to Americans; Jay Carney is a True Journalistic Hero exposing true disinformation to the public. Edward snowden is not a Journalist, exposing what is important to mainstream America – those jobs description belongs to Simon Cowell, Jenny McCarthy and Jay Carne.

If there were 100 sane, honest investigative journalists with morals, there would be 100 TV, Internet and youtubeandwecensor ‘documentaries’ on government corruption, a need for more whistleblowers and a corrupt, unjust government. Instead we have Jay Carney and Obama using the dirty, Kleptocratic “T” word, transparency. Transparency, as in how many years has Manning already spent in solitary getting permanently damaged. Perhaps Simon Cowell, Jenny McCarthy and Jay Carney will transparently let us know…






Jul 30, 2013 – WFB’s Ellison Barber: Bradley Manning’s Disclosure of Docs to Wikileaks Was Not an Act of ‘Journalism‘. Follow @FreeBeacon 


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