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Jim Stone: Fukushima was destroyed by Israel

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Fukushima was destroyed by Israel via 2 planted nuclear weapons and the Stuxnet virus

Created on 29 June 2013
Written by Jim Stone

Coast to Coast offered to have me on the air tonight

Then, as predictable, as it has happened every single time a major program has asked to have me on, they canceled at the last minute. I can understand one or two canceling, but unanimous cancellations by all broadcasters after initial contact only proves that SOMEONE is applying enormous pressure to keep me off the air. That is what happens when you go for the jugular and never back off, I have certainly upset a lot of powerful people.

The key report is the Fukushima report, which scientifically documents that the Japan earthquake did not happen as stated, that the tsunami was nuclear, and that Fukushima was destroyed by Israel via 2 planted nuclear weapons and the Stuxnet virus. The Fukushima investigation took over 500 hours and included interviews with the General Electric engineers who designed Fukushima #3. Want to know why I am banned from all major broadcasts? It is because I proved in irrefutable terms that 3/11 was Japan’s 9/11, compliments of Israel. This is the type of report you would expect from ex-(white hat) NSA. I am one of the good guys from the past, before the NSA went rogue.

The following graphic, produced by yours truly, pretty much says everything about Stuxnet in a picture:

Nuclear Sabotage At Fukushima

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