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Mass graves from massacres by the Jews in occupied Palestine

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Tel Aviv, Israel’s Wounded Knee Massacre – Jaffa Tel Aviv Mass Graves Genocide


Tel Aviv, Israel’s Wounded Knee Massacre – Image from http://www.carbonated.tv/news/mass-palestinian-grave-found-in-tel-aviv

Nobody Prayed For These People: Diggers Find Nakba-Era Mass Graves

by Abby Zimet

Workers at a cemetery restoration project in Jaffa have discovered six mass graves with hundreds of skeletons of Palestinians killed during the 1948 Nakba and the 1936 uprising, thus corroborating oral testimony by eyewitnesses of massacres and hasty burials in Jaffa and the surrounding area. Israeli commentators are already frantically arguing the victims could have been killed by the British, other Arabs, or pretty much anyone else as long as they weren’t Jewish. Awful. Warning: Grisly images.

From ‘Carmen’: Additional reference sources:





BTW, the Palestinians have been saying this for over 70 years but they lost that PR war before they’d even begun to fight it.

Editors Note: Grateful acknowledgement that breaking story, photo and links above were directly submitted via email by ‘Carmen’ aka ‘Trailing Begonia’… Links below were found by me but only after being tipped off to the Jaffa Mass Grave story by Carmen:

Window into Palestine Blog May have been machine-translated to English; but it gives a purely Muslim perspective: http://windowintopalestine.blogspot.com/2013/06/old-mass-graves-of-palestinians.html


Israel and US Jews have always maintained ‘the Palestinians are remebering it all wrong’. The wikipedia entry on Deir Yassin has been so thoroughly ‘Jewified’ the bloodthirsty Palestinian women and kids ‘attacked bayonets with their bare hands’. What could the Irgun and Stern Gang do, except commit genocide? Sarcasm aside, the Jews are already blaming this on ‘other Arabs’ or ‘the British’. Image from: http://islampos.com/kuburan-massal-warga-palestina-ditemukan-di-tel-aviv-61317/


Mass graves from 1948 Arab-Israeli war discovered in Jaffa
The remains of hundreds of Palestinians killed in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War were discovered in six mass graves sites in a Muslim cemetery in Jaffa. An official of the Kazkhana cemetery said on Friday that the gruesome finding took place on May 29, when
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Mass Graves Discovered in Jaffa
Fate alone led to the discovery of mass graves in Jaffa, some of which date to before the Palestinian nakba of 1948. These graves contained the remains of hundreds of martyrs, including youngsters, and with them hundreds of stories that the occupation
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Mass grave with Palestinian bodies found near Tel Aviv
A very dark chapter in Jewish history has surfaced in Israel, with reports of the finding of scores of skeletons of dead Palestinians found buried at a site near Tel Aviv. Al Jazeera reported on June 1, 2013, Mass Palestinian grave found in Tel Aviv
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Mass grave of Palestinians found in Israel
“The Kazkhana cemetery has exposed the historical facts that Israel has tried to hide and erase for over 65 years relating to the massacres committed by Zionist gangs,” a statement from the al-Aqsa Foundation, an international charity considered “a
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Mass Graves of Palestinians Killed in 1948 War Discovered in Jaffa
Bahrain News Agency
Occupied Jerusalem, June 01 (BNA) – The remains of hundreds of Palestinians killed in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War have been discovered in six mass grave sites in a Muslim cemetery in Jaffa, al-Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage reported.
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Mass Palestinian grave found in Tel Aviv
The remains of dozens of Palestinians killed by Israelis in fighting during the war of 1948 which led to the creation of the state of Israel have been found in a mass grave in Tel Aviv’s Jaffa district. An official at the Muslim cemetery there told AFP
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Palestinians Uncover Nakba Mass Graves
The remains were believed to be the remains of dozens of Palestinians killed during the Israeli-Palestinian war of 1948. Nakba, Palestinian, Israel, graves. JAFFA – Bringing backs memories to terror and fear that spread in 1948, six mass graves have
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Arab-Israeli War Mass Graves Found – World War II Forums
Arab-Israeli War Mass Graves Found – posted in Post War 1945-1955: Six mass graves features the remains of dozens of Palestinians killed during the
Mass Grave Of 600 Palestinians Killed By Jews In 1948 | Israel
The cover up of israeli war crimes literally fell thru the ground yesterday when ground gave way at a cemetery in Jaffa, Israel and revealed the corpses of some


There are six graves with bones from at least hundreds of bodies. More will probably be found. Most accounts of the ‘settlement’ of Jerusalem and Israel leave out Nabbka, Deir Yassin and Beit Hanoun; both past and current ‘news’ of Israel and US Middleeast are so filled with propaganda pus as to be bile in the throat to many.  It is not Genocide if you splash prefume on it and wrap a pink bow over it, once sanitized it is merely ‘freedom’.

American and Israelis cringe at articles writen about any amount of non-propaganda: http://olivebiodiesel.com/gaza/  Image courtesy of: http://angryarab.blogspot.com/2013/05/jaffa-mass-grave-not-covered-by-us.html

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