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Hans Sokolowsky  sokolowsky@gmx.com

Professors Stephen M. Walt and John Mearsheimer had courage to speak openly about troublesome influence of Israeli lobby on American foreign policy. Watch video how this lobby works in American Congress:  Censored: Chuck Hagel Saturday NL Skit, Israel Love Fest…Hilarious.

But influence of powerful “Jewish lobby” is not only an American problem. Similar groups captured also strong political positions in former communist countries, for example in Poland. Fanatical support of former Polish president Lech Kaczynski (who was killed during plane crash in Russia – some Polish conservative politicians and journalists even suspect involvement of Russian secret services in arranging that accident), as well as, his brother Jaroslaw for political ideas, promoted by the American neocons and Israeli hawks became uncomfortable for the new U.S. administration of Barack Obama, who emphasizes in its foreign policy to improve relations with Russia, and the need for a peaceful settlement of the conflict between Israel and the Arab world.

Playing on the emotions of patriotic and anti-Russian part of the Poles, they cynically pulled Poland in the strategies developed by the Israeli lobby in the United States, which was one of the elements of encirclement of Russia. The concept of the so-called “Long war” was focused on the coordination of policy and military strategy of NATO, the U.S., Israel and a few friendly Muslim countries associated in Istanbul Cooperation Initiative. Important role in this strategy was also played by two new countries (former Soviet republics), aspiring to join the NATO – Georgia and Ukraine. To understand the “strange” behavior of Lech Kaczynski, who was involved with all the power in support of Yushchenko, Saakashvili, the Belarusian opposition and Israel it is useful to read the article by Michael Chossudovsky Debating War and Peace, in which he discusses the secret program of the NATO Security Conference held in Riga in 2006, which shows the strategies mentioned a “long war?

Although the main objective of the strategy could be considered to secure supply of oil and gas to the West, it was also of great importance to ensure the security of Israel and NATO pulling the planned attack on Iran. Countries like Germany and France from the beginning did not express enthusiasm for this kind of aggressive policies, which also was associated with the isolation and encirclement of Russia. Such foreign policy was not also popular among Western societies, as evidenced by the sharp decline in popularity of Tonny Blair British Prime Minister, who, like Lech Kaczynski, dragged his country into uncritical support for the adventurist policy of the United States and Israel. Lech Kaczynski during the Russian-Georgian conflict, ignoring the position of the EU leaders and well-understood interests of Poland, was involved in the implementation of plan created by Israeli strategists to use Georgia as “unsinkable aircraft carrier” for the Israeli planes taking off at the expected attack on Iran. Russian military action stopped those plans. By the way, it became apparent involvement of special services of Ukraine (dominated by Ukrainian nationalists) in this adventure.

It is now easy to understand why Lech Kaczynski was so reluctant to celebrate the anniversary of the massacre of Poles in Volhynia by the Ukrainian nationalists during WWII, whilst using the Katyn tragedy for anti-Russian propaganda. His hypocrisy may just surprise us. Here he demanded from Russian authorities to disclose all documents relating to communist crimes committed on Polish officers but a few years ago, as a minister of justice, he stopped exhumations in Jedwabne, when it turned out that it does not support the allegations of organized Jewish pogrom by the Poles. This action allowed the Jews to carry out an unprecedented anti-Polish propaganda in the global media, whose purpose was to bring Poland to its knees and then demand  huge restitution from this country.

It is no secret that Lech Kaczynski coordinated his foreign policy with Israeli politicians, including the chief of Mossad. Contrary to the arguments of some activists of his party Law & Justice that the decline in his popularity was the result of attacks by the media, sympathizing with the opposition party Citizens Platform, I have no doubt that the Polish society eventually become aware that the above politics leads to the isolation of Poland and future conflicts with its nearest neighbors. His brother Jaroslaw Kaczynski learned his mistake and at the beginning of his previous presidential campaign he declared friendly approach to Russia in his Message to Friends Russians. For two years of his reign (2005 -2007) as Prime Minister of the Polish Government he presented open hostility to Russia and Russians.


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