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individuals, such as Hagel, an American firster, that advocate for non-biased policy (that is good for America), will continue to be slandered by neocons, Zionists, opportunists and those in bed with such individuals.



Fact- Sen. Chuck Hagel is the most maligned individual in the United States of America at this time. Sen. McCain, has been leading the attack. McCain is the son of the individual, who under President Johnson, covered up the Zionistic anti-American Liberty ship affair.

There’s a good chance that no  contemporary politician on Capitol Hill has done more for  Zionists than John McCain. That’s why he has obtained lavish Zionistic support.

Picking up the morning paper, in fact reading today’s regional papers, it’s alleged that Sen. Hagel has not been the most favorable in regards to Israel. It’s incredible.

How long will the Us against them pathology continue? The entire spectacle reminds one of the old adage that goes something like,  “my enemy is your enemy.”

So who is the media’s vile Hagel? Well, let’s look at his history.

His mother spent her life caring for her children. The mother’s maiden name was Konkolewski. Chuck has often stated that not only did he love his mother dearly, he especially loved his father and his mother’s mother.

Chuck’s family was an old fashioned close family. Hagel was born in 1946. His family had four children. They represented American values.

His father was a World War II veteran who instilled patriotism for our country into his four sons. His dad worked hard in a lumberyard. The family’s house sat almost on railroad tracks behind his dad’s place of employment.

The Hagels raised chickens and ducks. When these animals were small the family the would put them under heat lamps within the house.

During the 1950s the family’s father was recalled to active duty (in Korea). Later, after returning home, Chuck’s dad contracted polio. According to the News of Polonia (Jan. 2013, pp. 2, 10), the family had no income or assurance and  (thus) Chuck had to work at age 6. He became a newspaper boy.

When Chuck was seven his dad bought him a bike. However he was taught that he had to repay the money. It was a tactic to instill a comprehension about dignity.

Chuck dearly loved his father and was devastated when his dad died. Chuck was only 16 years old and he had three younger brothers that needed assistance. They all stepped up and assisted one another, as a family unit. Times were difficult, to say the least.

During his university studies he worked at a grocery store, in a junk yard and as Santa Claus. Later he was sent to Vietnam.

In 1971 he graduated from the University of Nebraska. He campaigned for Ronald Reagan and in 1981 Chuck became deputy administrator of the Veterans Administration.
Later, he sold his car and raised $5,000 to invest in cellular telephones. After his company became successful and was sold, he became president of another company. About four years later he won an election to become a US senator.

While the country was being bomb blasted with news about the danger of terrorist attacks from Hezbollah and (2) weapons of mass instruction from Saddam Hussein, Hagel could apparently see-through the WMD propaganda ploy. All of a sudden those with dual loyalty saw Senator Hagel in negative colours.

This cost him dearly. Obviously there much pain for his family. This was due to negative propaganda directed against his person.

Later, after his thoughts were proved to be correct, WMD were seen for what they are. Of course, the never forget/ forgive element knew Chuck Hagel was an American Firster.

Unfortunately, the monopolistic media is accountable to no one. Thus, individuals, such as Hagel, an American firster, that advocate for non-biased policy (that is good for America), will continue to be slandered by neocons, Zionists, opportunists and those in bed with such individuals.

Hagel is brave. Put yourself in his shoes. Imagine the pain.

In all probability, despite media and the Israeli Lobby, disdain from the entire world towards Tel Aviv will continue.  Tel Aviv, seen as a pariah by the world community, could even possibly initiate the destruction of much of Europe and the Middle East.

It is more than likely that unnecessary wars will continue until the non-Jewish population of the entity under discussion surpasses the number of Jews within Israel. The other possibility is, as noted, eventual nuclear catastrophe due to self-seeking, irresponsible opportunists.

It is a tragedy for mankind and also decent Jews that respectable, honorable, peace loving people, such as Hagel, have their image distorted.   Most important is the a continuing lesson for all decent men desiring peace and harmony.

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