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Kai Murros — Europeans Fight Back Against Your Own Planned Destruction

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PB: I have little doubt Murros personifies many -isms given to humanity by the Judeocentric Power Complex (JPC): Marxist with a National-Socialist and Trotskyist twist calling for a ruthless, bloody revolution from the Atlantic to the Ural Mountains, to defend a European “nation” of nations. As if the JPC had not assaulted European civilisation everywhere, incl. North America and Australia.

This Finnish professor quite mindlessly invokes Hutchinsonian war of civilisations, pointing to hostile foreigners on European streets and at the continent’s gates, while concealing the architect of most of the evil for centuries: the JPC. He also distractingly points to the elites. They are just JPC’s pawns, who implement JPC’s NWO plans, incl. wars and revolutions based on ethnic hatred, in which goyim of one religion kill goyim of another religion.

Beware of hasbara disguised as calls for freeing Europeans from civilisational threats! The real, biggest threat is  the “civilisation” of Judeocentric banksters, hellbent to make NWO all over the globe.


Kai Murros — Europeans Fight Back Against Your Own Planned Destruction

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