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Roy Tov: Corruption of Israeli courts + Superstorm and mafia in Tel Aviv

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Mafia Explodes in Tel Aviv
“…At 1PM, on January 10, 2013, and not far from that bakery, Nissim Alperon was driving his Mazda Lantis 323 through the roads surrounding the Azrieli Towers, when a motorbike approached his car. The driver attached a bag to the driver’s door and drove away. A passenger of a nearby bus reported these details and added that the driver immediately left the car and bravely began chasing the motorbike…”


Superstorm in Tel Aviv
“One such storm began yesterday, January 7, 2013, and was still on at the time these lines were written. I bothered to collect the official meteorological data and found nothing unusual. Between midnight and noon of January 8, the stations surrounding Tel Aviv reported up to 60mm of rain; for the sake of my American readers, this is just over two inches of rain. The large drops fell vertically on the ground; they were not accompanied by any significant winds. Thus, the event cannot qualify as a tornado, a hurricane, a typhoon, a superstorm, or any other significant meteorological event. It was far from the Biblical Deluge. Yet, this strong winter rain flooded Tel Aviv’s…”


Likud Leader: Israeli Courts Corrupted
“…Begin’s words were the first official acknowledgment by an Israeli Prime Minister that Israeli courts are politically motivated, actively serving the government that pays the Justices’ salaries. …On the same day, January 7, 2013, former candidate to lead Likud, Moshe Feiglin, spoke in the 10th Jerusalem Encounter of B’Sheva, the settler main newspaper. There, he said, “The public lost trust in the corrupt courts.” This was just the beginning of a truly sincere speech…”


Settlers Give False Testimony to Supreme Court
“Mocking the false testimony topic of this article, the Hebrew and English headlines of Haaretz on January 7, 2013, did not match. The English headline was “Leading Israeli rabbi blasts anti-abortion group Efrat for ‘irresponsible’ slogans;” serious reports claim that most readers fell asleep immediately after reading it. In contrast, the semi-secret Hebrew headline read, “Gush Etzion Council gave false testimony to the Supreme Court* to avoid evacuation of outpost.” Israel’s version of the Chinese Great Wall is called “Hebrew.”….”


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