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A redundant political class in Ireland

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A redundant political class in Ireland

[…] Over the past year, 87,000 people left Ireland for countries far afield such as Australia, Canada, and the UK, countries that are now reaping the benefits of Ireland’s expensive-to-educate graduates and tradesmen.

Yet fascinatingly, as those 87,000 people leave the country to find work abroad, the number of immigrants entering the country was steady at 52,700, with 12,400 of these from non-EU countries.

[…] Many countries in the EU, particularly the French, are furious at Ireland’s tax haven status. They claim companies such as Google use transfer pricing – routing profits from high tax to low tax jurisdictions – that benefits Ireland and takes from the French exchequer.

With such fierce opposition, it’s difficult to see how the Irish can, in the long run, hold out against French demands for change. So even on the issue of setting its own corporation tax rate, it looks like the Irish political class will eventually have to concede to the power of Brussels. When that happens, along with closer political union, many argue there will be little need for an independent Irish parliament.


Rodney Atkinson: A corporatist society is one run by the State for the interests of corporatists (large unions, big business, unelected supranational powers, professional interest groups, media manipulators etc). Corporatism is the socialist form of capitalism and it rules in most western “capitalist” countries, just as it did in Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. The ultimate expression is the European Union whose interest is not the peoples of Greece, Ireland, Spain etc who are bankrupt, suicidal and unemployed but big business and the corporatist fascist establishments in Brussels, Paris and Berlin.

Ireland is a typical example – indeed an example which the EU praises!! Its debts are massive, its people are leaving (87,000 Irish left last year), the State is bankrupt but big multinational (mainly EU and US) businesses are making a killing exporting from this convenient but impoverished island. GDP looks good – ie what is produced in ireland) but GNP is weak (after big foreign businesses take out their profits – after paying the paltry 12.5% corporation tax!)

The failures of the EU and its grotesque Euro are clear for all to see (26 m unemployed with youth unemployment up to 55%) but even this Irish EU “success” is truly horrendous!

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