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Syria Crisis; Half-baked Diplomacy and Failure to Address Core Issues

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Piotr Bein: Happy New Year, Christof!
Is gas really the choice for the next 100-150 yrs? Greenhouse gases would kill us in the meantime.
With the technological development and so-called free energy potential, it does not make sense to fix long-term policy on gas or other fossil fuels.
Rather, it might be a dictate by the banksters to preserve their own global power.
If they are independent of the banksters (which is not so sure anymore), Russia and China would shift to alternative energy sources, as they accumulate capital and expertise to develop the latter.
Also, Middle Eastern crises might be stages towards plans Greater Israel and NWO, rather than energy wars.
Justification of all kinds of “US” wars by energy security has turned out to be a red herring, but is still promoted by too many publicists.
I followed the “oil pipeline” thread in the recent Balkan wars, and concluded that it was a cover for geostrategic grab of Yugoslavia: Judeocentrics Behind Balkan Interventionism
What do you think?

Christof Lehmann: Happy New year to you too and thank you for the last one.
Very briefly en route to meetings for today: This mail will be somewhat written as NOTES… sorry but you will catch the drift if you follow up.
Yes, gas has been chosen as the energy resource which is to cover the majority of the worlds energy consumption for the coming 120 – 150 years. I´t not me making that choice. (off protocol – I have been running my kapadnaze generator on my sailboat for years – the trouble is that we also have to deliberate over a peaceful transition away from the Dollar – Fuel based economies )

Gas is more abundant than oil and has a significantly lower carbon footprint. In 2007 Saudi Arabia began investing heavily into both gas and biochemical R&D and industry – focus on biochemical processes which can transform oil to gas while preserving some of the costly substances used in the pharma and similar industries etc.. it was the insider stockmarket tip of early 2007.

Qatar invested 10 billion USD into the AKP of PM Erdogan ( it was the foreign minister who received the money ) – this money was earmarket to stop the PARS gas pipeline ( Iran, Iraq, Syria to Mediterranean) ((Russia partnering) ) …  In 2007 we had the world economic crisis onset, realignment of Hamas and al Jamaa al Islamiya with Qatar and the M.Brotherhood, the onset of preparations to create a new, MB dominated Middle East. Basically its bye bye Petro Dollar unless the US either succeeds at dominating Syria. (and even if it does its still bye bye Petro Dollar ) complicated situation…

Look also at the eruption of the so-called inter-communal violence in Myanmar. Preparations began in 2007 – (when the PARS gas field between Qatar and Iran was discovered) Saudi Arabia invested billions of USD into boosting the HuJI in Bangladesh, in cooperation with the Bangli mil intelligence service and CIA – massive infiltration into the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh – in preparation of the THIRD attempt of Bangladesh to use the Rohingya ( internally and externally displaced in/from Bangladesh 1948) in order to conquer or destabilize Myanmar´s Rakhine State.  Its about gas, involving divergence in energy security interests of Bangladesh, Myanmar, USA, China, India… (also connected to the India – Afghanistan pipeline project…. ( nsnbc contributor, Pak ret major Agha H. Amin is consultant in security issues – have a look at his work too… Read my article – Myanmar, Gas and the Soros Funded Destruction of a Nation State ) – Read also ” The Dynamics of the Crisis in Syria; Conflict versus Conflict Resolution part 5 and the upcoming part 6 .

Off to work. Best regards.

PB: So you confirm more or less that fixation on fossil fuels is banksters’ choice.
Oil and gas are not the only sources of energy (certainly not for a century!). Fixation on them will swamp the Earth in greenhouse gasses and make people and nations even more dependant on the banksters (you mention also the criminal Big Pharma). Your analyses should say it clearly, against the banksters’ and corporate propaganda.

CL: I have done that in other work and no time to discuss individual articles. The “personal” brief I gave you was what I could do for you. Best regards and thank you for reading nsnbc.

PB: Your articles are read by thousands, who do not necessarily know what you say elsewhere. Current Syria analyses are of top interest, many readers may question energy as the core issue in the Middle East. If it is, perhaps it’s a spin-off, as few conflicts are single-objective. I’ll attach the comments for clarity.

Syria Crisis; Half-baked Diplomacy and Failure to Address Core Issues

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