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Video: Ahmadinejad with Orthodox Jews in NYC

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Video: Ahmadinejad with Orthodox Jews in NYC


Marek Podlecki; A grand manipulation! I have the original 2007 video on my blog.

Piotr Bein: Youtube title  Israeli leaders meet Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in NYC is idiotic.

It follows from the translation of the elderly Rabbi’s address and inscription on the gift that it is an Orthodox Jewish sect Neturei Karta. These Jews true to Hebrew Old Testament, the Torah, believe that Diaspora Jews should be loyal to their host countries while awaiting the salvation from Messiah (Moshiah).

The Jews in the video are neither Israeli, leaders of any Israeli flock, nor in any way associated with the Zionists or the Zionist entity in occupied Palestine. Neturei Karta is well known for their anti-Zionist hutzpahs staged in the USA and Israel. They also participated in a Holo-hoax conference in Tehran several years ago, where they embraced Ahmadinejad as sincerely.

The Jewish translator explains in the video that many of the Orthodox Jewish leaders have perished in the Shoah in Zionist hands. Today, most of the Jewish sects and secular Jews are in the hands of the Lubavitch sect who also have a great influence on global politics for the benefit to Zionists and the banksters.

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