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Regarding Jane Bürgermeister’s recent statements

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Regarding Jane Bürgermeister’s recent statements

Piotr Bein 1.7.2012

Jane Bürgermeister has exposed the false H1N1 pandemic in 2009, and recently warns on possible new virus hoax. But this whistleblowing, and a video linked in it, smear InfoWars, a website of a leading warrior against NWO, Alex Jones. Jane attacks InfoWars for being an alleged Globalist misinformation tool that promotes the Globalist virus hype — and mass vaccination agenda — in step with the corporate-controlled mainstream media as it did in 2009. To support her claim, Jane links to a NaturalSociety article reproduced by InfoWars. Re-publication determines neither the allegiance nor the mission of InfoWars; one needs to consider the totality of a website’s message to define them.

Not one of Alex’s three websites promotes any manipulative hype on a multitude of NWO topics, not just vaccines, pandemics and bio-weapons. Alex consistently debunks and condemns weaponized vaccines. In a video (February 27, 2012), Alex says what Bürgermeister does: the bird flu is the elites’ another preparatory hype before a bio-weapon assault on humanity under a guise of defense from pandemics. Before, in the 2009 swine flu season, InfoWars reproduced Canadian Press article (March 5, 2009) on the very suspiciuos release by Baxter in Austria of a deadly, live bird flu virus in swine flu vaccine product. In April 2009, Alex Jones’ PrisonPlanet presented his Swine Flu Special Report that sums it all up, not worse than Jane did at the same time.  In an interview (31.7.2009), Alex again exposed the swine flu conspiracy…

Jane also suggests that Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg is a bad guy since InfoWars promoted him and he participated in the PACE inquiry that she found ineffective. Dr. Wodarg demonstrates his tough stance in an interview by Alex and on Russia Today. By the same logic, shall we blame Jane for no effect of her indictments in 2009? Is she the Globalists’ tool by this simple-minded logic? Of course not!

Jane’s attacks are absurd, below investigative reporting standards. They hurt her own reputation and credibility. They misinform those who trust Jane, based on her pivotal role against the 2009 swine flu hoax. Jane’s smear of Alex Jones website contributes to his character assassination by elites’ propagandists and agent provocateurs. Likewise, her suggestions about Dr. Wodarg is a defamation.

Unless Jane Bürgermeister can substantiate the charges, let’s hope she will retract them, and will apologize, to retain her reputation. We are not too many in the struggle with the NWO evil, and every warrior counts.



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