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Multicultural Enrichment

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Multicultural Enrichment

Hi Joe,

Yesterday I thought -off and on-  about you being assaulted/ hospitalized and (2) your removing your auto’s public display pertaining to needless war and the “best of all people.” Good move. Why go into a fight with a tooth pick against machine guns.

I ask that you consider Prof. JC’s hypothesis; mainly, that there are 50 to 100 mln of “them.” Joe, to deny that there is a sea of Sayamin signifies one thing. Joe, it  implies that one has been taken in; the constant brain washing about their minuscule numbers has been successful.

I have one more request. Joe, think about the error of any open conflict with a psychologically impaired entity (Sayamin); about assaulting the wind; hitting the centuries-old vile, when you don’t know where it is! Joe, just touch the surface of this. You make your own pct, but first plez hear me out.

Joe, if there were only 6 mln of them in Amdom’s 300 mln population, why are there special holiday cards, in all major stores, just for them during their “holidays?” Joe, does it make any $$$ sense ( to group worshipping shekels)?

Joe, JC grew up in Byelorussia, perhaps that state, percentage wise, had the largest concentration of Zs, other than Ukraine. Look around and think of your youth, regardless where you were brought up. Sayamin were a fact of your life. You heard them dominate on your radio. Joe, you saw their influence on your B&W TV. Due to networking, they filled your university. The music they sought others to learn was anti-majority tunes.

More often than not, most were simply psycho Zs. In other words, they resembled Goys and had 1/16th or less of that element’s bio factors. This implies they were sickos, a sticking-together, us-against-them entity of psychopaths… pretending to be friendly buddies. You know,  ”have I got a deal for you.”  How about the global saying of “jewing you down.” How come the globe doesn’t have, for instance, a “Irishing you down,” or an “Swedishing you down!”

Recall numbers in Eurocide I. Joe, the world verbalized about of the 3 mln in Polska. New York media harped on this. How many spoke of the 5 mln in their beloved Bolshevik USSR? Think about that.

Ask how was it that between 600,000 and 800,000 Zs in Germany retained control of much of the film and paper media! How? How was it that a tiny percent became 40% of the legal advocates within Berlin? Joe, 800,000 dominating 80 mln! Joe, where all these discussed natives stupid / ignorant? Did a foreign miracle occur? Or, was it something else? Maybe an “us against them” mentality?

Now move East. How could 3 mln out of 39 mln own nearly 50% of Polska (having gained such during the 123 years of partition and retaining such during the 20 years of peace)? My friend, in Russia, how could a mere 5 mln gain control of St. Petersburg and get Christians to fight Christians, so Bolsheviks could create their Workers’ Paradise?

Brother, could it be all about the Sayamin factor? Whata think? Was Viktor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad agent, who spoke all all these noted anti-mankind things wrong? Read his bestseller. Do that and you’ll comprehend all of our contemporary chosen needless wars and the blood.

We read that in pre Eurocide II, H fought this world plague openly. If so, what did he really do? Be honest. Well, did he secure the wrath of Sayamin in Washington, London, Paris… ?

Joe, he initiated the building of production weapon facilities that would out weight him 10,000 to 1!  Would it not have been better to do, say, as Putin appears to be initiating? You know, knocking off the oil and steel and mineral criminal oligarchy while promoting harmless Z cultural entities? Could that be the best way to go? Whata think? Should a foreign element and their sayamin V column be allowed to initiate unending wars, in the name of peace? Be allowed to propagate anti-majority multiculturalism in every country where they have sizable numbers?

Or, was Stalin right when, after using them, he indicated they were trouble? Most deem he was poisoned. You know, the naughty doctors’ plot. Nah, after all, he and Saintly Kanganowicz saw how good Zs could be. Yeah, recall the  collectivization of Ukraine… Think about the seven (7) million…

Joe, you see, when openly fighting evil  -heck one doesn’t even know where the Sayamin are,  one is engaging in self harm. It’s kinda like shooting yourself in the foot.

Better to simply utilize facts and speak in the third person. Use the verba of decent Zs.

Better to point out what  criminal anti-majority individuals are engaging in. That way you are doing your part to assist humanity against what, for centuries, countless kind men, the world over, have called  “the nemesis of mankind.”

Think of what can be seen in all the recent wars, that have killed innocent women and children. Think of the bold in-your-face canard about “giving democracy” to all of Z’s neighbors… No wonder the world hates them.

Joe, my friend, perhaps it’s insane for a regular guy to openly attempt to engage Sayamin. Nah, for all those reading cyber space, let’s just take all of the above in stride as a joke.

After all, how could, for example, a tiny element break the economic back of mighty Amdom? What?  When we all know Saddam was a danger to the US! Could Zionism be worth the lives of thousands of our beloved boys. If so, the trillion $$$ spent to ensure democracy for others must have had merit…

Love, love, love. Give to the party of your choice. Most pertinent ask if it is wise to openly mock the self-proclaimed chosen. The entity multiple folks, such as Art Kowalski and Viktor Ostrovsky, have referred to as the enemy of mankind. This note, about the assault upon you, will be sent to a select few (without your name).



    From a friend in Mexiforia-
Subject: I was knocked unconscious friday night by unknown assailants.

Friends,  I do not remember what happened.  I was at my mailbox and in my car with the window down.  I guess somebody sneaked up and hit me thru the window.

I went to the hospital and got an MRI and was released.  I have some local suspects.

The San Mateo Co Sheriff’s office and I have a long history .  They are uncooperative and hostile.  This is a felony assault because I was knocked out.

I have called the FBI.  All the local PDs know me and do not appreciate my activism, at least, the brass.

I have removed my bumper strip…America First, Not Israel.

The police, I am told by a cop friend, should have taken my bloody shirt for evidence, should have fingerprinted the car, and started right in with local suspects, that relate to a years’ ago campaign I mounted against the local health department for cheating on percolation tests and subsequent cover-up by the District Attorney.  I have had several incidents over the years of police malfeasance.


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