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Jim Stone visits Iranian Consulate in DC

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Jim Stone visits Iranian Consulate in DC

Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist – 1/24/2012

Ok, I will be frank and say I did not apply for amnesty there. My wife said no. But I did spend an hour there, observing things, and what I observed will no doubt surprise people.


It is perfectly obvious that they are not your typical village Arab. In fact, they are not Arab at all. They are white, some are blonde haired blue eyed people with fair skin, and a fair number look like a mix of Spanish and Irish.

The most striking thing I noticed about the many people waiting was their sophistication. Iranians are obviously incredibly intelligent, sophisticated people. They all had light in their souls. They reminded me of people I knew years ago, the older generation from America’s great past – there is a certain discipline and determination which shows in the eyes of a high class populace, and the Iranians projected an image you would have expected from Americans in the 1950’s. Not a single one of them was trashy or poorly behaved.

It’s going to be a crime to kill them. I have known plenty of Arabs, plenty of Bengalis, ect and believe me, the Persians are NOT the same type of people. They project the image of the old Europe, the old, un-corrupted version of Western civilization. They obviously survived the onslaught of demoralization that was the downfall of so many nations, indeed this is what the Zionist “elite” wished to snuff out – the roots of all societies so that their hollywood / mind control machine would be able to take it’s full effect and have people drift mindlessly and aimlessly down the next cattle chute of pre-programmed whim. Somehow the Iranians kept themselves clean of that.

I remembered a grandma and grandpa on my dad’s side, how they looked and behaved, how you could see they had roots, good souls and a clean conscience. The Iranians looked like that. They all had the light.

And then there was the television, in Persian, with English subtitles. The news was on, and I got a good taste of Iranian news, what they are telling their own people. Well, unlike CNN and FOX, the news happened to be truth.

It spoke about the fact that Iran was resistant to sanctions because the people were uniquely talented and able to make up for not being able to purchase things from abroad becase Iran was quite good at making things itself. It spoke about Iran’s right to sell oil to nations other than those in Europe, and accept an exchange for that oil that was not dollars. It spoke about Iran being perfectly open with it’s nuclear program, and also was VERY accurate about America’s election situation, issues in Africa and abroad – it was a perfect newscast. They also clearly stated they intended to close the Persian gulf, and that they did not need the oil money from Europe and America nearly as much as Europe and America needed the oil. There was no mention of intended aggression against American warships; this makes sense – the Persians invented chess and know they cannot win a game where the opponent has all queens instead of pawns.

As I left the consulate I had the thought that they might actually be difficult to beat in a war short of nuclear, these people obviously never even heard of a camel or house of mud. They have something worth dying for to protect. It was obvious they had an identity, and knew their roots. And, I honestly believed that their obvious morality could pay off, and get them a bonus from God. Who knows what will really happen in a war with them? Who knows – who knows?

One thing is certain – they are not aggressive, and have never been tested. No one really knows what a war would be with them. And if we or Israel attack them, the side of right will not be with us. God forbid we ever get the answer; I honestly hope we never do. This could actually be the first truthfully precious thing America ever destroyed without provocation; will God really be with us?

Keep in mind that my comments here are not blind. I have had plenty of exposure to foreigners, and known quite a few Iranians in years prior and always found them to be people of the highest caliber. Even still, I was very surprised by the feel of being in a room with 100 of them, truly, it was like America’s years gone past.

We lost that.

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