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UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office disinformation about Geiger Counters

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UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office disinformation about Geiger Counters – a clarification on monitoring for radioactive pollution

One of our correspondents tells us the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office claims Geiger Counters can measure alpha radiation. We aren’t sure why they venture into this topic, but they are under pressure to give scientifically reliable advice to British citizens in Japan and we suspect they are thrashing about for anything that might undermine confidence in what we say here. The alpha radiation issue is important and the FCO is guilty of misdirection. If people think Geiger Counters can detect Plutonium and Uranium they may well believe that low readings indicate these alpha emitters are not present. It’s not that simple. Read more here

[Proudly, this blog has published Tedd Weyman’s (UMRC) advice as the first. His text is cited as an independent opinion supporting LLRC’s advice a day later. This is just one example how grassroots could help our independent scientists in disseminating their opinion against the nuclear lobby and official dezinfo – Piotr Bein]

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