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US dictating EU foreign policy

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What do wars in Ukraine, Gaza, Syria and Libya have in common?

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What do wars in Ukraine, Gaza, Syria and Libya have in common?

FDA eases restrictions on experimental Ebola drug as CDC warns of ‘inevitable’ spread to US

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FDA eases restrictions on experimental Ebola drug as CDC warns of ‘inevitable’ spread to US

About 1000 out of 6k junta troops surrounded at Russia border broke thru, insurgents got over 70 military h/w items: tanks, Grads, armoured vehicles, surface-to-air missile systems / Wyrwało się ok. 1000 z 6 tys. wojska junty okrążonych przy granicy, powstańcy zyskali ponad 70 szt. broni: czołgi, wozy opanc., Grady, samobieżne zestawy rakietowe p-lot.

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70 единиц техники, в частности 18 ракетных систем залпового огня “Град”, ракетно-зенитные комплексы “Оса” и 15 единиц танков и бронетранспортеров.


Zhitomir, W. Ukraine: military commissioner building on fire / Żytomir: pożar budynku komisariatu wojskowego

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В Житомире 8 часов горел городской военкомат (фото)

Donetsk republic collects info on war criminals of current war on its territory / Republika Donieck zbiera info o zbrodniarzach wojennych obecnej wojny na jej terytorium

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Донецкая Народная Республика начинает сбор информации о военных преступниках украинской армии, участвующих в карательной операции на территории ДНР

Odessa fire brigade phone calls published: no hurry to the massacre site / Rozmowy telef. straży pożarnej Odessy opublikowane: bez pośpiechu na miejsce masakry

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Опубликованы переговоры одесских пожарных 2 мая. Из них следует, что спасатели не торопились на Куликово поле


Why Have So Many Ukrainians Fled to Russia?

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Why Have So Many Ukrainians Fled to Russia?

Vladislav Gulevich is a Ukrainian political analyst & publicist, and currently a refugee in Russia.


Journalist Vladislav Gulevich says that many of the 730,000 Ukrainian refugees in Russia see the Ukrainian military as the main threat to their lives

ANTON WORONCZUK, TRNN PRODUCER: Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Anton Woronczuk in Baltimore.
About 730,000 Ukrainians have fled to Russia and over 1,300 have died since fighting began in April between Kiev and rebels in the eastern regions of Ukraine, according to the United Nations. The UN is also warning that the deterioration of water, power, and health supplies in the East will impact about 4 million Ukrainians as the fighting continues. NATO has issued another warning regarding a potential outbreak of conflict as 20,000 Russian troops remain near the border with Ukraine. And this comes as Russia announced a yearlong ban of various food imports from the U.S. and E.U. in response to sanctions imposed on them by the U.S. and E.U.
Joining us now to discuss this is Vladislav Gulevich. He is a political analyst and publicist from Ukraine and the author of many articles on geopolitical and philosophical issues. He is also a refugee living in Russia.
Thanks for joining us, Vladislav.
WORONCZUK: So let’s start off. Tell us, what are the conditions of the Ukrainian refugees living in Russia? Where are they living, how are they living, and does it look like they’ll return to Ukraine once the fighting subsides?
GULEVICH: Well, the refugees here are held by Russian authorities, and it’s very good because they are run of food, run of clothes, run of everything [incompr.] they had in Ukrainian supplies. In some regions of Russia adjacent to Ukrainian territory, there is a very hard situation with the refugees, because the influx is very numerous. And people leave in different conditions. Some are camps some, in some hotels, or trying to find relatives to stay in with them.
And right now, the refugees, the influx of the refugees from Eastern Ukraine reaches even far east, Russian Far East. It’s very far away from the Ukrainian-Russian border. For example, as for myself, I am living now in Siberia, and its 4,000 kilometers from here to Ukraine. And right now we have here more than 5,000 refugees from Ukraine. It’s very strange to hear from here that there is no refugees. If you remember, Kiev authorities said, we have no refugees in Russia; all the refugees go in the inner regions of Ukraine. But it’s not true, because in the deep regions of Ukraine, there were just a little of refugees, not so much, not so many as they go here in the deeper regions of Russia.
WORONCZUK: The statistics that I’ve heard, something about a hundred thousand Ukrainians have been displaced within Ukraine, but as I mentioned before, the UN says it’s hundreds of thousands. Why have the majority of Ukrainian refugees fled to Russia and not to the more western regions of Ukraine?
GULEVICH: Because these refugees see the Ukrainian army as the main threat to their life, because Ukrainian army indiscriminately and with no scruples shells civilians, bombs civilians, and there are a lot of victims–I mean civilians–of these shellings. That’s why the majority of the refugees try to escape, to save their life, trying to escape to Russia, and they see Russia as the sister country, as the nearest friend, and they seek their shelter and food.
WORONCZUK: Okay. And what are the conditions for the residents who remain in Donetsk and Lugansk, which are the principal cities in which there is a rebel stronghold?
GULEVICH: I see. You know, it’s a real humanitarian catastrophe. The situation is a very dreadful, because the inhabitants are out of water, out of power supplies, out of clothes. Ukraine doesn’t care, and the Ukrainian authorities don’t provide them with their own necessities. And the people are all the time shelled. They’re bombed by aviation. They’re shelled by heavy artillery mortars. The victims toll is all the time enhanced. Every day, more and more people are dead, among them women, among them elderly people, among them even kids. Sometimes it occurs so that a mother and a kid are killed together. You know, it’s very touching and the situation is very bad.
All the people actually there hope Russia will come, but nobody knows what happens, whether it comes or not.
WORONCZUK: Okay. And let’s turn to some of the domestic politics within Ukraine. From what I understand, at the end of July there was an attempt to ban the Communist Party of Ukraine. Can you talk about that?
GULEVICH: Yeah. This ban was initialized by Ukrainian nationalistic parties. After Euromaidan, which was depicted in Western media as the victory of democracy, actually it was the victory of the most hideous ideology, the ideology of Ukrainian nationalism, which stands very close to neo-Naziism. And right now, Ukrainian parliament consists of many, many, many politicians whose views can be characterized as ultranationalistic, [externistic?], or even neo-Naziism. That’s why the majority of our parliamentarians don’t want to cooperate with the Communist Party and they oust the Communists from the parliament. Why do they do–why do they [incompr.] Because [incompr.] our communists are acute critics of the war in Eastern Ukraine. The Communist parliamentarians, they talk directly and outspokenly in the parliament calling the war in East Ukraine manslaughter, disaster, and trying to persuade Ukrainian government not to call East Ukrainians terrorist or separatist, just remember that they are the same citizens of Ukraine as the west part of the country.
WORONCZUK: Okay. And is there wide public support or is there a significant sort of left opposition like the Communist Party to the more nationalistic and fascistic elements of the key of government?
GULEVICH: Yes. The Communist Party enjoys constant support, and [early?] it had more support, I should say so. For example, in the ’90s the Communists were the second during the elections, presidential elections; later, then start little to lose this support because they have no such revenues, they have no such plans to keep the ideological work as nationalistic parties do, because our nationalistic parties, they enjoy support of the West. They get financial support from Canada, from the United States, from other countries. And the Communists, they don’t get such support and they should rely on themselves. That’s why the Communists start to lose a little bit support. But they’re still rather popular. And if you know all the [incompr.] initiatives of our society, they’re always supported by the Communists.
WORONCZUK: Okay. And what does the situation look like on the border between Russia and Ukraine in regards to the warning issued by NATO that it looks like there could be a possible, if not imminent, outbreak of violence between Russia and Ukraine?
GULEVICH: It’s rather probable, but actually it will be the outbreak of the war between Russia and the collective West, because the conflict in Ukraine has a geopolitical character. It means that right now Russia is a countries that are ex-U.S.S.R. republics, Eurasian states. Russia is able to form geopolitical power alternative to that of the United States. United States tries to prevent it. They try to prevent the consolidation of ex-U.S.S.R. republic, and they try all the integration process in this space. That’s why Ukrainian authorities are so well supported by Western governments of different countries. And, of course, if Russia tries to go further, trying to defend its interests in Ukraine, of course NATO will react too, because from the beginning this conflict was doomed to get more scary, you know, to be more aggressive, to be more bloody, to be very disastrous not only for Ukraine but also for Russia. And here Russia was the main target of this Euromaidan.
WORONCZUK: Okay. And much reporting in the U.S. has discussed how decisive the Russian support, in terms of armaments and supplies to the rebels, how decisive this is for perpetuating the violence in the eastern Ukraine. But the same kind of analysis, or at least emphasis, is not really put on, I think, the United States or the E.U. for its military, economic, and political support for what Kiev calls and antiterrorist operation in Eastern Ukraine. I’m wondering, what’s your take on how decisive this support has been for the conflict in the eastern regions of Ukraine?
GULEVICH: There is much exaggeration, because actually Russia doesn’t help at high scale. If Russia really helps at high scale, the rebels in East Ukraine would have heavy weapons, heavy missiles, and they wouldn’t retreat their territory as they do now. Kiev also exaggerates the the Russian help.
Of course Russia should help to some extent, because ethnic Russians suffer from Ukrainian bombs, Ukrainian aviation. And here we should talk about Russian-speaking people in East Ukraine. Actually, not all of them are ethnic Russians, but all of them belong to a Russian culture, to Russian political culture, philosophical culture, religious one. That’s why they lean to Russia. And Russia cannot stay indifferent to them.
But as for military help, it’s exaggerated, it’s much exaggerated. And I cannot say that about NATO help to Kiev, because NATO, and exactly the United States most of all, they help Kiev with information, they help Kiev with finance, they help Kiev with their advices, they help Kiev politically, diplomatically. That’s why Kiev feels itself so certain.
WORONCZUK: Alright. Vladislav Gulevich, thank you so much for joining us.
GULEVICH: Thank you.
WORONCZUK: And thank you for joining us on The Real News Network.
DISCLAIMER: Please note that transcripts for The Real News Network are typed from a recording of the program. TRNN cannot guarantee their complete accuracy.

Lasha Darkmoon on Prof. Petras’ AMERICA AT THE END OF ITS TETHER

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Staging anti-Semitic Incidents for Permanent Jew Victim Status

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The JEW is Staging anti-Semitic Incidents to regain Permanent Victim Status

Thursday, August 7, 2014

It’s pictures like this, showing Israel’s genocidal campaign against the indigenous Palestinians that the JEW wants you to forget…DON’T

Gaza_8.14 photo Gaza4_71514_zpsf033e3a4.jpg
It doesn’t get much more obvious than this. Why would a bus driver open the doors to a private bus and let a pack of drunken clowns board?

So Israel can focus the world’s attention on the permanent victim status of that racist State of Hate, Israel. Israel has lost many of its supporters around the world, thanks to its savage and brutal attacks against mostly women and children in Gaza during “Operation Protective Edge.”

The JEW is alarmed that its haven for con artists, professional liars, racists, thieves, bigots, drug dealers, mass-murderers, back-stabbers and False Flag experts has lost much of its sheen, due in part to the horrific pictures coming out of Gaza that shows in color the psychotic, unhinged Zionist genocide of the native Palestinians.
08.14 photo rabbi_zps9f1367fb.jpg

Australia school bus comes under anti-Semitic attack

Six drunken youths shouting Nazi slogans stormed a school bus filled with Jewish children as young as five in Sydney on Wednesday. The boys threatened to cut the younger children’s throats and murder everyone on board.

Some 30 children were on their way home from Mount Sinai, Moriah, and Emmanuel schools in the Bondi Beach neighborhood at 4 p.m. local time, Sydney’s Daily Telegraph reported.

Jackie Blackburn, whose daughters were caught up in the incident, told the newspaper that the five to 12-year-olds had been left “traumatized” and “hysterical” by the attack, and that one of her daughters had phoned her up terrified.

“She said: ‘Hey Mummy, please help us, there are eight strange men who have been let on to a school bus and they are screaming ‘Heil Hitler! Kill the Jews!’ they want to cut our throats,’” Blackburn said.

She then a got a call from her friend Noah Stanton who said, “Jackie it’s bad, it’s really bad. They were screaming ‘Heil Hitler,’ ‘Kill the Jews,’ ‘Palestine must kill you Jews’ – just all very bad anti-Semitic stuff.”

Jackie told the Telegraph that she didn’t understand why the bus driver opened the doors and let them on, as the bus is a private one which only transports children from the three Jewish schools.

“Jackie told the Telegraph that she didn’t understand why the bus driver opened the doors and let them on, as the bus is a private one…”

Yes, why did the driver stop the PRIVATE bus in front of a bunch of drunken louts, open the bus doors and let these animals inside the PRIVATE bus?

And they said “Palestine must kill you Jews?” Drunken Nazis wouldn’t give a tinker’s damn about Palestine, but the JEW would, just like those Israeli MOSSAD agents who were caught celebrating the WTC attacks on 9/11 said:

According to ABC News 20/20, after these five Israelis were detained, the driver of the van – Sivan Kurzberg – told the officers: “We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem.”

This staged JEW incident in Australia is so obvoius its pathetic. But the JEW will stop at nothing to protect its gangster paradise. And now with efforts under way to bring the Israeli leaders, military and the state of Israel up on war crime charges, the JEW is getting nervous, it doesn’t like all that sunlight shining on its pile of shit called Israel.

Another giveaway is that the original story had eight drunken ‘Nazis’ boarding the bus, which was later changed to the kabbalah black majick number SIX. And although I’ve read several articles about this staged incident, none have said what happened to these ‘Down Under’ terrorists. Probably went back to the synagogue and had a good laugh.

There’s no lack of evidence showing without a doubt that Israel engaged in a massive number of war crimes against the world’s largest concentration camp, Gaza, but will Israel ever be brought to justice?

Jews caught pulling off anti-Semitic hate crimes

Why Israel Needs Anti-Semitism

More phony anti-Semitic incidents

False Allegations of Anti-Semitism Lead to Faked Hate Crimes

False labels of anti-Semitism by leaders in the Jewish community have become so preposterous that according to Peter Beinart in The Crisis of Zionism, Anti-Defamation League staffers actually have to go into the break room to laugh about how absurd ADL President Abraham Foxman’s accusations of anti-Semitism are.

Jewish ‘Lightening’ Strikes Again!

Insurance Scam Eyed Instead of Anti-Semitism in Car Fires
Gaza_G_8.14 photo GOO_Gaza_zpsdbde3015.jpg
“Ahhh, that’s much better!”

50 US Pastors visit Israel in support of mass murder in Gaza

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Christian Pastors visit Israel on ‘solidarity mission’ in support of mass murder in Gaza

South Africa threatens to prosecute citizens serving in IDF

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South Africa threatens to prosecute citizens serving in IDF

VIDEO 18+ Sukhodolsk, Lugansk republic: junta hit a hospital, used banned cluster munitions, killed & injured dozens civilians / Suchodolsk, republika Lugańsk: junta użyła zakazanej broni kasetowej, trafiła w szpital, dziesiątki zabitych i rannych

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Right Sector imprisoned a pastor for driving w. Polish license plates in Donbass / Prawosieki uwięzili pastora za używanie auta z polską rejestracją

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Протестантский пастор жалуется на беспредел Нацгвардии и «Правого сектора»

Insurgents: estimated junta force 60k men / Powstańcy: szacunkowa liczba wojsk junty 60 tys.

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Сводка ополчения: Оценочная общая численность группировки украинских войск, ведущих сейчас активные действия, 60 тысяч


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31.7.2014 12:45, opracował i tłumaczył Janusz Sielicki 2.7.2014


Przebieg chrztu:

Kolejny monolog E. Hodosa do kamery, teraz już chrześcijanina, naszego brata w Chrystusie.

Na początku filmu video (do 25:36) E. Hodos opowiada o swoim udziale w obradach okrągłego stołu na temat: „Przyczyny i skutki społeczno – politycznego kryzysu na Ukrainie”. Występuje przeciwko tradycyjnemu przedstawianiu konfliktu na Ukrainie, jako konfliktu między ukraińskimi nacjonalistami a Rosjanami. Według niego jest to wojna religijna. Opowiada o ludobójstwie Palestyńczyków przez wojsko Izraela, jako przykładzie, którym kieruje się Chabad na Ukrainie. Przypomina o 1026 rocznicy Chrztu Rusi, które obchodzono w Kijowsko – Pieczerskiej Ławrze, w których brał udział.



Czytanie przez E. Hodosa wyznania wiary prawosławnej, po jego bokach – matka i ojciec chrzestny


Chrzest E. Hodosa przez 3-krotne zanurzenie w wodach kanału Dniepr – Donbas.


Po chrzcie. E. Hodos całuje krzyż prawosławny


Dla zainteresowanych podaję prawie godzinny film, w którym opowiada m. in. o tych obchodach i o swoim zamiarze przejścia na Prawosławie:

LINK: <http://3rm.info/48521-eduard-hodos-ya-reshil-prinyat-pravoslavie-u-posledney-cherty-ili-esli-by-ya-byl-russkim-video.html> – 3 lipca 2014 r. ЭДУАРД ХОДОС: Я РЕШИЛ ПРИНЯТЬ ПРАВОСЛАВИЕ. У последней черты или Если бы я был русским… (ВИДЕО)


E. Hodos pali zaświadczenie gminy żydowskiej o tym, że ma on imię żydowskie





E. Hodos pali przesłanie do całej ludzkości o przyjściu mesjasza, t. zn. rabina Schneerssona, przywódcy Chabadu


Jeszcze o obradach przy okrągłym stole można posłuchać na nast. filmie video:


Żydzi wzięli nazistów w obroty. Wystąpienie E.Hodosa (video)


26 lipca 2014


Decyzja o jego przejściu na Prawosławie dojrzewała długo, ale nie w związku z jego ponad 20-letnią walką z Chabadem, satanistyczną żydowską sektą, jak podkreśla. Zdecydowała znajomość historii, religii oraz wojna, prowadzona obecnie na Ukrainie z Prawosławiem. Chrzest przyjął w dniu wielkiego Święta Państwowego – 1026 rocznicy Chrztu Rusi (988 rok). W tym dniu nikt z władz państwowych i cerkiewnych nie przybył na obchody tego Święta. W poprzednim roku na obchody 1025 rocznicy z Moskwy przybyli Prezydent Putin, Patriarcha Kirył (Cyryl) i Arcybiskup Władimir (zmarły w tym roku). Decyzję o uznaniu za święto państwowe rocznicy Chrztu Rusi przyjęto w Rosji, na Ukrainie i Białorusi w roku 2008 roku (1020 rocznica), jeszcze za prezydentury Juszczenko.

Hodos mówi, że dla niego dzień jego chrztu ma bardzo wielkie znaczenie sakralne, ponieważ jest to dzień również wielkiego święta – rocznicy Chrztu Rusi. Pokazuje do kamery świadectwo chrztu z dnia 28 lipca. Dokładnie widać rok urodzenia (1945) i imię ojca – Dawid (Eduard Dawidowicz).


Od 35 do 45 min. film przedstawia przebieg ceremonii chrztu wpierw w cerkwi, a potem na brzegu kanału Dniepr – Donbas. Podziwiać trzeba bogatą liturgię chrztu, śpiewy kapłana. Na brzegu kanału kapłan dokonuje obrzędu poświęcenia wód kanału, a następnie nanosi krzyżmo św. na czoło, usta, uszy, dłonie, stopy chrzczonego. Po wprowadzeniu do wody dokonuje chrztu przez 3- krotne całkowite zanurzenie.

Po chrzcie kapłan przeprowadza poświęcenie medalika na łańcuszku w wodach kanału i po dłuższych modlitwach zawiesza na szyi Hodosa. Wiele innych, nieznanych nam momentów, towarzyszy obrzędowi chrztu: nakrycie głowy stułą, błogosławienie Pismem Świętym, ponowne naniesienie na miejsca, które były pomazane krzyżmem, tym razem poświęconej wody, pobranej z kanału, nałożenie znaku krzyża na głowę, błogosławienie krzyżem i podanie do ucałowania…

Widać wielkie zdenerwowanie chrzczonego i nawet momenty, kiedy zapomina wykonać znak krzyża podczas modlitw kapłana lub powiedzieć słowo „Amen”, co jest zrozumiałe.


W ostatnich 10 minutach Hodos informuje o zerwaniu przez nieznanych sprawców ze ściany przy wejściu cerkwi tablicy informacyjnej, o ikonie z jego prywatnej kolekcji, która towarzyszy jego wystąpieniu, której nazwa brzmi – „Apostoł z siekierą” i dokonuje spalenia dwóch dokumentów.

Kończy wystąpienie słowami, że ten dzień chrztu jest dla niego dniem oczyszczenia, dniem jakby narodzenia się na nowo. Ostatnie słowa to : „Chrystus Zmartwychwstał!”.




Dutch MH17 search halts in Ukraine amid renewed fighting

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Dutch MH17 search halts in Ukraine amid renewed fighting

Ukrainian money out of control + $0.5 billion WB loan / Kurs hrywny dziczeje + Pożyczka Banku Swiatowego na pół mld $

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Гривна выходит из-под контроля

Украина выпросила у Всемирного банка $500 млн

Ukrainian deputies: Donbass war killed 10k civilians, bodies buried secretly / Posłowie Ukrainy: wojna w Donbasie zabiła 10 tys. cywili, zwłoki grzebane skrycie

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Украинские депутаты: за время военной операции на Донбассе погибли более 10 тысяч человек

Russia’s central bank rescinds licenses for 3 banks / Centralny bank Rosji cofnął licencje 3 bankom

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Банк России отозвал лицензии трех банков

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